Racial Harmony Day :DD

Monday, 21 July 2008
today rocked !
we were like camwhoring the whole day !
nyahaaas , check it !


me, azlina & amira :DD

fithri :D

me, khai & naz

hahas !

raihan, fit & me :D

i forced him to smile,
aidil & muah !

khai darling & me,
yeah she's on my lap !

i carried azlina :D

anjing2 melayu 2N1,
thats what raihan called us .
& why the hell is hakim looking at me ? -.-

raihan was on my lap !
urghh !

after school, went to kopitiam . was raining so went
back around 4.30 pm . was effing tired so went to sleep .
theres more pics other than this, but no time .
next post maybe ?

& today's finals have been postponed . hahahs !
raining mah , damn it . fithri looked so ready today .

anw, i didnt manage to reply fandi's msgs, sry baby .
& theres NDP rehearsel tmr ! nyahaaaaaaaaaaas !
im in the parade, like again . nehmind, atleast its not
during wed after peer tutoring . heeeeeeeees :D

kaykay, gtg .
night people :D

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