The Girl Who Can't Be Moved. 
My name's Artika and I'm a born and raised Sinagporean girl. I've started writing at 13, back then as an avenue to release my teenage angst before it becomes what it is today. Here, you can find stories about my travels, favourite beauty products and reviews, food adventures and personal thoughts. 

School Days 
I studied in neighbourhood schools up to the age of 17 before deciding to study nursing at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. After graduating with a Diploma in 2015, I became a full-fledged staff nurse in a specialized cardio-renal unit with three months of experience in a dialysis setting. In 2016, I decided to further my studies and took my Bachelor's Degree at Curtin Singapore where I've recently graduated from. After three years, my nursing journey came to a temporary holt in September 2018. 

Fight Song 
In August 2018, I found two tumours on my left breast that tested positive for cancer. I have done two surgeries in one month and am currently undergoing treatment - more of which I will explain in detail in my upcoming blog posts. 

All of Me 
I am affectionately attached to my boyfriend since May 2017 who during this time has seen me through assignment deadlines, tough work days, graduation and of course, cancer. Though you may think that our relationship is like a bed of roses, it is more often than not like many others that goes through trials and tribulations. 

Sealed With A Kiss 
I'm a Libra and a Scorpio (I'm born on 23rd October and my horoscope varies in different articles). I prefer coffee over tea, lilies over roses and pancakes over waffles. I love baking more than anything else in the world - and I even have a dream of opening up a small business in the future. But if I'm not in the kitchen, I'll be at my table brainstorming on my next blog post or curled up on my bed reading a poetry book (because I have short attention span for storybooks).

So yes, this blog has seen me through love, heartbreaks, triumphs and failures. And though looking back at my 13 year old self may be cringeworthy, it still tells a story like no one else's. 

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