Saturday, 2 May 2015

Cafe Hunting: Sunday Folks & Everything With Fries

Between you and me, food posts are my favourite. Everyone loves food, don't they? And I know it's something everyone would enjoy reading - and drooling at. 

So shall we? 

Kak Dilah & I made an impromptu decision to head to Holland Village on that day she asked me out. To be frank, I was rather unfamiliar with the place but I've heard lots of good stuff about it. 

We headed to Sunday Folks first. I remembered seeing photos of their waffle ice cream all over instagram and I've been telling myself that I NEED to check this place out. 

Plus, I've been having crazy cravings for ice cream waffles for the longest time so thank goodness for this place. 

The place gets really crowded quick so it's honestly based on luck whether or not you're able to get a seat. In addition to that, they placed a tablet outside the place so in case the place is full, you can just key in your mobile number and they will contact you as soon as there's a seat available. 

The service was rather incredible! A server approached us and asked if we were first timers here and when we said yes, he began explaining how we should go about ordering our dessert and also informed us of the specialty ice cream flavours they have. 

But I was definitely most intrigued by their selection of toppings. They were so unique and just, wow! I don't even know how to explain. You'll have to see it for yourself! 

Aside from their ice cream waffles, they served cakes too. Now I have another reason to pay them a visit :)

Ah yes, and they have the most adorable looking water dispenser too! 

There were two choices of ice cream waffles - the petite and regular. If you're like us and you don't fancy sharing food that is just too good to be shared (keyword: TOO GOOD), I'd highly recommend getting the petite for yourself. 

Each serving were topped with strawberries and blueberries with some chocolate hazelnut sauce and maple syrup around them. You can only imagine the combination of the sweet and sour flavours already. 

And from what I observed, the regular waffles had two waffles instead of one with the same amount of ice cream. 

This was my ice cream waffle. I don't know about you guys, but my favourite chocolate-kind of ice cream would be cookies & cream. I'm not really a big fan of all those fudgy ice cream flavours - I find it too sweet. So I chose a fruity flavour. 

I have to admit that it wasn't as tasty as I thought. I could barely taste the strawberry but for some reason, it tasted really good. The ice cream wasn't too heavy or milky and it kind of reminded me of frozen yogurt - but less sour. 

And since I'm a sucker for sweet and salty things, I choose the sea salt chocolate honeycombs as my topping. They were rather generous with the amount and ah gosh, I can still taste the honeycombs in my mouth. Best ice cream topping ever! 

And this was Kak Dilah's ice cream waffle. I'm secretly a fan of gula melaka flavoured ice cream but I'd rarely ever say it because it has a pretty acquired taste and I have some friends who are just disgusted by it. If you haven't tried the seasalt gula melaka ice cream (oh gosh, for real though, this whole place is definitely a calling for hypertension), you should really start having a taste! It's becoming regular at most ice cream places. I guess if you're a fan of salted caramel, you'd love this one too. 

Speaking of salted caramel, Kak Dilah had the toasted salted caramel marshmallows for her toppings. It tasted really awesome but in my most humble opinion, they should really add more of them. #typicalsingaporean 

We had such a great time there and I'd highly recommend you to visit this place if you have the time. It's definitely a fun place to chill with your clique (just imagine getting one ice cream flavour each! *screach*). Just remember to avoid the peak period :) 

Sunday Folks
44 Jalan Merah Saga
Chip Bee Gardens #01-52
Singapore 278116

Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday : 1.00pm – 10pm
Saturday & Sunday : 12noon – 10pm
Closed on Mondays


What I love about Holland V is that the place is just full of really nice cafes and it left us spoiled for choices. But then we decided to settle for Everything with Fries. 

My first impression of this place was, fries? Fries? FRIES!
Honestly, I was hoping that they would offer a whole selection of different flavoured fries. Eg cheesy fries. But well, Eighteen Chefs has more variety when it comes to their cheesy fries. Then again, the truffle fries here are to die for! 

For our drinks, we had the house specials. 

I chose the apple tea because for some reason, I was craving for something fruity. The drink came with two thinly sliced apples and it tasted really good. The sweetness is just right and the apple taste was overwhelming. 

Kak Dilah choose the canned rambutan and I guess they literally gave a whole can of rambutan because the drink looks huge! Everything topped with mint leaves or flavour tastes great to me so I love the combination of the exotic rambutan (maybe not exotic to us but it's definitely different than any other fruit you might find in other parts of the world) and mint. 

We had the Skinny Wings in a Bucket as one of our starters. Initially, I thought that this would be their version of buffalo wings (shit, now I have another craving to satisfy) but it didn't turn out hot and spicy. They were just some regular good ol fried chicken - which still tasted fairly good. 

Of course, we had to have the famous truffle fries. It just looks so cute on that paper sampan! 

At first when I looked at them, I was like, err that's it? I only had one truffle fries experience before this at butterscotch cafe (you may click here for my blog post about it) and it was glorious. I guess what made the one from butterscotch cafe better was the extra cheesy sprinkles, but other than that, the seasoning on this one was simply perfecto. I took one bite of the fries and it felt like a whole gush of herbs burst into my mouth. It was such a splendid moment, gosh I can't even. 

And then for our main, we had the Battered Fish (basically fish and chips). It was served with vinegar but I didn't know what to do with it. Nonetheless, it tasted just like any other fish and chips. The fish was soft and tender (and juicy!!) covered with a thin fried crisp on the outside. I'm not usually a big fan of fish and chips because some restaurants may go overboard with the frying but this one's really good. 

So yeap, this is another place I would recommend. It's quiet and not really crowded during the day. They also sell desserts so yeap, also another reason to pay this place a visit :p 

Everything with Fries 
Holland Village
40, Lorong Mambong
Singapore 227695

Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday Noon - 11pm
Friday to Saturday Noon - 1am


Two good experiences in one day = a splendid day out! I basically threw my diet out the window for that day and it was totally worth it. 

Thanks Kak Dilah for bringing me out that day! I had such a great time! 

Goodnight lovelies Xx 


  1. You have an amazing blog! I love it - that image, pic, your writting ♥ Thumbs up! :)

  2. I love going to new places! This cafe looks like the perfect place to sit when we have something on our mind and just need to take a break from life! And the food looks orgasmic of course!

    1. YAS they are super orgasmic! I love exploring new places too especially i such a small place like singapore.

  3. These are my favourite kind of posts too, I love seeing cute little cafe and nice eats... those waffles looked incredible :)


    1. Yeah it has that whimsical feel doesn't it :)

  4. Ahh! I love to explore new places! Need to go somewhere the next weekend! Your photos look so nostalgic and sweet!


    1. Thank you! I love these places too!

  5. What a cute place! I really need to go and explore new places to eat, seriously I visit the same ones all the time aha! Love the photos you take, amazing :)

  6. I want to go there, everything looks so yummy! *O*
    Nice photos <3


    1. They were sooooooo yummy indeed! Thank you!

  7. love a food post! this all looks so good!

    danielle | avec danielle