& i still share the tears

Saturday, 23 August 2008
hello there bloghoppers !

parents are out, so im stuck here in prison
& having to take care of that little monster !
hahahs, yeah she's next to me playing the
ps2 . blehhhs , what can I say . We've got
nothingg in common .

& yeah, both of them are me (: im not really that
short yknoww . im like 1.62m tall . oh, more like
1.6m when im standing with the guys, rena & susan
in class . hahahs ! seriously man . i feel so tiny when
im with them now . But still, im the one who always
bullies them . Not the other way around . hahahahas !

So anyways, today was okay . Went out for brunch
with family & granny . Oh, bumped into my aunt &
uncle there also . hahahs ! yeah, brunch was okay .
& dinner was kinda pathetic . Well, thats because
i havent had dinner . LOL . Then the afternoon was a
bore ! GAHS ! Watched Toy Story 2 (: Quite fun . Its
really been a loooong time since i watched kiddy shows .

Andand I seriously couldnt sleep [atleast peacefully]
last night, again . I was listening to heartbreaking songs,
thats why . My Immortal, Told You So & Take A Bow .
yeah, those type . Heh . I cant help it lahs ! I miss alot
of people . Okay, not alot . Just one particular guy . Oh,
talking about guys, another one asked me . A muchmuch
older guy . Should I, or should I not ? GAHS ! idk . I
do have feelings for, like abitabit . But, there just someone
else in my mind right now . Saper2 jangan terase ekhs .
But I seriously feel like blasting the song "Told You So"
& "Benarkah Kau Setia" in front of his face !

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