Friday, 24 April 2009


Yes, Artika's back & she's rocking hard ! Miss me ? HA-HA-HA !

I didnt go to school today cause I was down with a super high fever . 40.5 degress, yuppz I broke the record . Went to Choa Chu Kang Polyclinic & I felt damn giddy there . Could've meet him there but mommy wanted to follow at the last minute cause I cant talk . Yar, I can talk . And I've got drug allergies so now my eyes are sooo red & so the bengkak . Ouch !

Yesterday was free periods for POA & A Maths . Yay ! So Nazirah & Me camwhored . Its the last 3 pictures below . After that we went to Fajar then lepak at Khairiyah's block . Going home time, I walked home with Norliana & we saw Haizrul . LOL . Liana was like "oh, fuck." HAHAHAHAHS ! Yeah, it was hillarious and very unexpected . Got home, I got a temperature, slept like at 8pm . Yeah, and I missed my Malay Listening Comprehension today . Shitttt . Now I've got to do it alone .

Currently chatting with no one cause no one's online ):

Apparently no one's putting in any effort for this year's MYE . And I really need to buck up on my sciences or I could kiss my dreams on becoming a nurse goodbye . I was a half mark away from passing while the rest did very well . And I really did study kay . Sigh .

So yeah, thats all from me yaw . Take Care ! :D

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