Friday, 26 June 2009


Its Always Easier To Be Someone You're Not, Don't You Think ?

Second post of the day & its the 26th June, time check: 8.32pm
Today's been random but fun.

While at Khairiyah's place, we ate fried rice which she cooked herself & it simply taste delicious and played with her neighbors who were friggin' naughty. After that it seemed like only Azlina & me were doing the project but its okay. Maybe Khairiyah & Nazirah were doing it too but I just didnt see them doing so.

We left Khairiyah's crib at 5pm with our project halfway done. Yeay I guess. Went to Fajar after that, topped up my prepaid & seriously, I looked so pathetic especially when the rest are using bill. I feel so low yknoww. Harhar.

So yeah anyways, I dont have to check what's my weight cause obviously I gained weight, again. Sad right ? ): ): ): I cant wait till school reopen when I'll be too busy thinking about food. And I've been rejecting Amira's offer to the gym cause Mommy doesnt allow me & I sooooo friggin regret it ! Gawddd, I remembered the time last year when we went out just the both of us last year for 3 days straight. HAHAHAHA. Gerek uhh kan mira ? :D

Speaking of friends, Azlina told me that there's this idiot who wrote about her on her blog. Get what I'm saying ? The idiot wrote about Azlina on her blog. (Her refers to the idiot in case anyone's still confused.)
Gawd, lucky thing blog's private. But serious uhh. I hate it when people like wants to cari gadoh with my friends though I dont have anything to do with it. Especially when Azlina's a very nice person & would not do anything to hurt anyone eventhough the person's an ass. Someone spammed that idiot's blog. Someone ekh someone *winks* I really feel like continuing but Azlina told me not to. %^£$*&^*$"!*&* !
I'm not gonna confront her cause its so not worth it & its not my fight so yeah. As long as that b*tch doesnt do anything to hurt Azlina, I'm cool with it.
See ? I'm a very nice person yknow. Laugh Out Loud.

Alamak, bloodyhell. Khairiyah, hurry up online can ? Nabei.

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