Saturday, 13 June 2009

Beautiful Soul

There's More To A Person Than Just Beauty.

Like Merlion right ? HAHAHAH.
Woke up today, on the floor! Yeah, I fell off from bed when I was asleep & I didn't notice. Ouch.

Today's a very boring day. Spent the whole day blog-walking & a lot of people are criticizing others on their blog & I cant help but laugh! Mean right? :D The insults are just so damn funny.

So I'll be going swimming at Jurong with the usual girlfriend who never has anything to do at home, Khairiyah andand a few others as well. Will be going out with boyfriend next week, yay. And will be having the bloody street sale on the 19th. $10 per ticket ? Giler per. Who want to buy seyy. Whatever, I just want my Fund Raising Silver badge since I wont be getting one for Footdrill Silver ): Not a coincidence that only those who went to NDP last year passed right? :0

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