Thursday, 4 June 2009


Eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Long time no see ekh? HAHAHAH.
Anw, as mentioned previously, went to Khairiyah's crib & had a fantastic time watching High School Musical 3 & all. Because of today, i cant go out anymore this week but its okay. Next week's gonna be fun cause I'll be going out with Girlfriends to catch a movie & after that we'll be going to town to buy the in-thing bag. Yarr, the squar/rectangle one. Likelike a camera bag. Yupz! I want mine with pink hearts and rainbows on it. Heheh.

Anyway, Sophia's coming for a sleepover. Yes Khairiyah, the cousin of mine who talks a lot. Thethe small girl. Aaaaaah that one. HAHAH.

So yeah moving on, I'm currently listening to songs and speaking of which, I'm totally addicted with the song playing on my blog. No Boundaries-Adam Lambert. Theres also another version sang by Kris Allen. Yupz, its linked so check it out alright. Nice yknow!

I'm so veryveryveryyyyyy fed-up now. Yar, I know. I'm always so fedup with things. Know why not? Because righttttttttttttttttt! Red Cross cadets cant volunteer at AYG. Wthhhhhh?!? Just because of the stupid SANA course we have to attend which Amira said would be super duper boring but Carine claims that its super-duper easy to pass. Ergh Urgh Argh! Teachers can be sooo unreasonable sometimes sey. Irritating.

Oh, & should I change my song? I think the version sang by Kris Allen's better. I cant believe I'm saying this but yeah. Yeapz, I'm gonna change the song. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Ok done! The first song's sang by Kris & second by Adam. Fair right? HAHAH. Lame.

And this are the pictures Azlina took the other day for her Art Club project (:

There are others but neh. Alrighty then, I shant be replying messages now & thats a promise. If its really important then call me alright?


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