Thursday, 25 June 2009

I is Bored.

There has never been another minute of a day when I'm not thinking about you.

Today was simply fun ! Nazirah missed the fun lah, seriously. So yeah, we're almost finished with our project. K, not almost uhhh but we are left with just a few parts.

Woke up this morning & yeah I was like the earliest after my Aunt & Uncle went off to work. Heheheheh. Then urm while everyone was still asleep, I stuffed myself with biscuits in the kitchen. *evil grins* What can I say ? I was bored. Eheheheheheheheheheheheheh.
After everyone finally woked up, I bathed ate breakfast, watched tv, blogged and went to meet Khairiyah & Azlina at the library. Boyfriend came soon after. camwhored, talktalk and yeah did the necessary.

After that Boyfriend & me headed off to Garden Plaza while Khairiyah sent Azlina to BP LRT. Yeah, I'm sure boyfriend had a good time bullying me. Apparently there were a lot of people starring. Serious shit seyy, I hate people who stares.

So yeah after that was Mac Donalds then lepak-ed. Kk, byeeeeeeeeeeee !

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