Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Kay before Nazirah nags at me (again) & say "ekh, you put your photo of you & your boyfriend but never put photo of us uh!" I better upload it now.

I'm feeling really left-out but at least I'm not the only one. And I'm sure Amira & Nazirah knows what I'm talking about cause we've discuss about this matter before.

I really hate 3rd parties. Hate it hate it hate it! Things were going so well between me & girlfies before some life ruin-ers came along like wth? I mean, those/that person/people seemed really nice at first. They are really nice, really. But we've been friends for like 3 years & I'm sure yall know how it feels like when someone else gets invited into a gathering and tries to "steal" one person away from a group. Its fucking irritating I tell you!
I'm not saying that my friends cant make other friends but. Gosh, its sooo hard to explain it with words but try to understand me kay?

This/these person/people I'm referring to are/is seriously nice people/person. But sometimes when theres an argument among us, this/these person/people will like interfere and thats the irritating part cause she'll (obviously its a girl) choose the side where her friend is even though she is totally in the wrong and will make her stay away from the rest of us.
Yes, its fucking true & this fucking thing really did happen only Nazirah & I noticed.

Fine whatever, I'll just jump to conclusions.
Next time when we go out, don't blame us for not inviting you cause we always do & its just that you choose not to because you'd rather go out with someone else. Alright, we've been very insulting (especially me) but hey, have you been insulting us too? You said people change right? Now I definitely realize what change really is.

Now, I dont really care if you go elsewhere with your friend. Cause I know I've got mine & other things to worry about.
Dont get offended please. I dont know about the rest of us but I've been dying to tell you this but I know you wouldn't listen.
Oh, Whatever Whatever Whatever. Obviously I dont want this stupid post to ruin your friendship with her or our friendship (whatever you may call it now but this seriously is not the friendship we used to have like last time). Wait, people change. Remember?

Yeah, I know. Artika's so immature. Before you open your big fuck mouth, know the story first.
Goodnight Unholy Ass wipes !

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