Tuesday, 23 June 2009


There's More To You, Then Just Your Sweet Words.

No pictures again. Life's been boring in fact. Actually no lah. Last two days were awesome sia !

Went to Regent Sec yesterday & today. Yes Mr Mathanson, your old school -.-" Anddanddd I like the school yknow ! With the Vending Machines & omg the toilets are nice ! The ones near the canteen were. The school looks quite exactly like mine. Abit only. But yar lor, I like the toilet :D

The workshop on the first day was no doubt, boring. Serz, Boring with the capital B ! 2nd day was muchmuch better & the presentation was such a failure but oh so funny ! Thenn on both days I finally get to meet Boyfriend & Aidil. Gawddd, I miss them both :) Yeah, Lot 1 with Girlfriends & the 2 dudes were really friggin' awesome & I didnt want to go home, SERIOUSLY.
So yeah, outing to Lot 1 with Girlfriends which simply means I walked home the looong way & unlike some people I sent boyfriend to Segar LRT ^^
Plusplus Nazirah didnt come today (blinkin' hell btol). Huda & A. Putra didnt come also. But Putra's sister was there. She remembers me well eventhough I didnt recognise her.

So yeah, currently chatting with Boyfriend & Elmo. I'm in the friggin' mood to make Elmo happy for once today :D See, I told you I can be a nice person. Heheheh.

Andd uhhhhhhhh yeah thats all from me. I'll be meeting Boyfriend again soon. Yeay :D
Gnight !

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