Friday, 3 July 2009

I'd Rather Have My Existence Appreciated, Then To Feel A Sense Of Belonging. Weird, but True.

Yes babey ! I'm backkkkkkkkkkkkkk !
& still rocking hard \m/


Happy Belated Birthday To Azeem Mathanson, the best TTM I've ever had :D
29 June right ? Funnyfunny date.
Sorry I couldnt wish you earlier, busy busy busy.

So yeah, AYG you may ask ? Was friggin' fun ! My duty was at the Ops Room & its better than those doing movement, i think. TEEHEE. The food provided was zzzzzzzzzzzzomg ! Salmon was served on the last day. YUMMMMMMMMM !

So uhmm, basically for the last 5 days I've been missing lessons from 11am onwards just to volunteer there. I was grouped with Zul, Lyana, JY & Tricia. Vvvvvvvv fun people I tell you.
My duty was to like answer calls & note down where the teams are going. the only friends I made there were the teachers. 2 teachers from Greenridge Sec and another 2 from Hougang Sec while Lyana & Zul enjoy being the receptionists and gossiping about the one-eye-lid & short policeman. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. So yeah, many interesting people there. On the last day, we went with another bunch of other fun people. Surprisingly, I didnt cried. Took pictures with some athletes there and obviously Rena couldnt control herself and got teased by Idham & Hamdi. HAHAHAHAHAH. After that, walkwalk at Raffles awhile and bought Javachip Frappe. HEHEHEHEH. Rena took a different train home so the rest of us took the long way. In the train, the guys made me laugh like mad. Seriously funny siol. And if you think Nazirah's the most insulting human being on Earth, wait till you meet them. Gawd, its been the best 5 days of my life. Its like every night I use to look forward to th next day but now I dont look forward to anything ): Oh well, its okay. I'll be back on Monday either visiting or volunteering. I bet Venice & Rena are having a good time right now taking pictures with the athletes. HAHAHAH. Andd uhmm Maziah must be admiring the Koreans there. Laugh Out Loud. Yeah, the guys there are cute. I seriously tried to control myself but hah wth, I cant help it. But, I didn't flirt ekh please.

So yeah today I didnt look forward to come to school especially after missing a lot of lessons. But yeah, nothing changed. School's boring. Yawn.

Blog's open & I cant believe I'm doing this but yeah. Spam all you want. I'm just so sincerely sorry for spammers cause they must have had a tough life & a bad childhood. Their parents must have thrown them out or died or something (oops!). Maybe thats the reason why they're so jealous of people having a great life don't you think ? Its okay spammers, I'm sure you can do better in your next life :D

PS : Idk why I've been thinking of Berok lately. Hmmmmmm. Rindu lah oi (:


Time Check: 8.40pm

I cant get online now cause daddy deleted the messenger ))))))))))))))): So yeah, sorry Norliana, I cant print your stuffs tonight. Actually I've got a lot of pictures to upload but i don't know whether I should. You know, I think yeah, I should. TEHEHEHEHEH. Gawd, it takes forever to upload it yknow.

With Koreans & Jy, bottom right.

Mr Tan Yeon Scherk from Greenridge Sec (:

There are many more but I'm lazy to upload them. HEHEH. Currently watching Little Nicky with Aryani. It's like NC16 but what the heck. HarHarHar. Funny, really.

And uhmm, yeah I miss the laughter I shared with the teachers & pretty much everybody there.
*shows sad face while sniffing*

K, gnight everybody ! :)

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