Monday, 6 July 2009

Nothing can be more fun then a day out to town with this people.

It was totally last minute so I couldn't invite the rest. Sorry yeah. No doubt, I still love you (:

So uhmm, as usual I met Khairiyah first and then Boyfriend. I had to do duty for one hour cause Afifah went home. So yeah, Boyfriend & Khairiyah walkwalk at idk where. During duty, I spoiled the shredder machine. HARHARHAR. Shhhhh ! K then said bye to the teachers there. Seriously gonna miss them. Apparently only the Greenridge teacher was there so yeah. After saying bye & all, talked with Idham & Hamdi awhile then met Khairiyah & Boyfriend.

After that, went to Esplanade. Thought of camwhoring but we werent in the mood so just sit there awhile then we headed off to Marina Square for brunch. Ate KFC & its been like forever. After that, walkwalk again & seriously sey, boyfriend has more in common with Nazirah & Khairiyah. They shake their legs, like to slouch & uhmm, they spend as much time at the Electronic Store like my father & sister. Harharhar. So yeah, my legs were about to come off soon after so we sat at Starbucks. Boyfriend treated us Javachip, yeay. Thanks boyfriend. Fyi, he told me to write this here. HAHAHAHAH.

After Starbucks, we went home. As usual, I fell asleep there & didnt notice that Maziah was on the same bus as us. HAHAHAHAH. So boyfriend went off on his own from Petir LRT and after that khairiyah & me did some camwhoring on the way home. The pictures are in my camera but I'll upload it as soon as daddy allows me to use the laptop kay.

Well, today's really fun. But I'll promise to invite Amira & Liana the next time we go out. It seems like I'm rejecting all their invitations but I'm not inviting them to go anywhere. Sosososososo sorry okay. Its seriously last minute. Hope you understand (: I'll just make sure the next time Amira invites me to go anywhere it wont be during a bad timing :D Oh, & I make sure boyfriend brings along his friends also. To make things better I'll invite Aidil too kay girlfriends ? :]

I wanna watch Wall-E now. HEHEHEHEHEH. Bye ! :D :D :D

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