Thursday, 14 May 2015

My Everyday Makeup Routine

I've always loved watching makeup tutorials on youtube and everyday makeup tutorials are my favourite kind. So I thought I would like to share my beauty regime I do on an almost daily basis. 

This is how I would do my makeup whenever I'm going out and yes, it's pretty basic. I do own other makeup products but these are my favourite ones.   

Here's me - facially naked. I don't usually start my makeup fresh after my skincare routine (though I think I really should). And as usual, I like putting my hair back despite how ugly my fringe always turns out afterwards. Well, it all depends on luck.  

Step 1: Priming my face

The one I have here is from Laura Mercier. I used to neglect this step until I randomly decided to get a primer while I was walking around Sephora and I've got no regrets! My foundation stayed all day and there was lesser shine too. I have oily combo skin and I've always prefer the matte look so this primer helps me achieve it.

They have other foundation primers suited for different skin types. You may click here to find out more about them.

Step 2: Foundation 

If you don't own this foundation by benefit cosmetics, then it's time for you to totally get one! 

I've never been a fan of liquid foundations because they can be pretty messy but I've seen a lot of good reviews about this one. It is so lightweight and natural looking and at the same time, gives a flawless finish. I'd say that it gives a medium coverage because it still doesn't hide my most stubborn pimples but this product just won my heart over.  

Step 3: Concealer 

I've actually never used concealer before my mum gave this to me and honestly, I'll only apply it when I feel like it. Yes, I do have fairly bad black under eyes due to my frequent colds but I do not find it necessary to apply them as the difference won't be very vast. 

But as far as concealers go, this is probably the best one I've tried and it's from Revlon. On a personal level, I do believe that Revlon's pretty underrated for a drugstore brand and it definitely deserves so much more recognition. So if you're looking for a concealer, then I would recommend this one! 

Step 4: Powder 

Another Revlon makeup product I have would be their Colorstay pressed powder. I can be pretty fussy when it comes to press powders because on days when I don't feel like using my foundation, I'd solely rely on my pressed powder for a nice skin texture on my face. And since it's a drugstore product, I don't have to worry about having to set aside a handful of money to get an expensive one every few months. It has a pretty matte finish and it doesn't run off throughout the day like some do. 

Step 5: Eyebrows 

Once I'm done with my base makeup, I continue on with my brows and here, I have the brow kit from body shop. I actually have really sparse eyebrows (one side is more sparse than the other because my mother accidentally snipped it off when I was younger) so I just use this to fill them in. I'm really no expert in shaping my brows so if you're no expert in this area - and trust me when I say that eyebrow drawing/tracing can get pretty crazy if you're not good at it - then you can try this out using an angled brush. 

Step 6: Blush 

I used to own a compact blush until I realize that a cheek stain is much more convenient because I don't need a brush to apply it. I got mine from Tarte Cosmetics in the shade tipsy and I don't think you can see it here but it gives a really feminine rosy shine. They have different shades if you're interested to check them out!

Step 7: Mascara

This is no doubt my favourite step! I have really short eyelashes so I get excited after applying mascara because my lashes will tend to look fuller and perkier (especially perkier!). I'm using one from Rimmel London and unfortunately, they don't sell them in Singapore (not that I know off). I bought this while I was in Australia and if I knew that this was gonna be one really good mascara, I would have bought a dozen of them! I haven't tested if they're waterproof yet but just to show how curled up my lashes become after applying it, here are a few close ups :) 

Moving on to the final step!

Step 8: Lipstick 

I actually prepped my lips in the beginning or a few steps before applying lipstick. My lips can look really chapped and applying lipstick on chapped lips just isn't pretty. So I used the lip balm from Nivea to moisturize my lips. 

My current favourite lipstick is the one from The Body Shop 's Colour Crush collection and this is in a baby pink shade which I absolutely love! You'd probably think I'm bias because I'm a pink lover but in my opinion, I do believe that light pink lipsticks go well with everything. I do occasionally wear the ever so classic Ruby Woo from MAC Cosmetics (which is something I think every girl should own) but still, you can never go wrong with this pink one right here.

On a side note, I really should be exploring other lipstick shades and colours :p

So yeah, here's my finished look!

I know there isn't much of a drastic change but when I wear my make up, I don't really aim to look like a completely different person. I believe that you shouldn't really waste so much time trying to look like someone else when you're already the best version of yourself, right? And well, it still doesn't hurt to wear some makeup once in awhile :) 

Goodnight lovelies! Xx 


  1. Aw, you're so beautiful, with and without makeup! I personally go for a more natural look for everyday wear, too, and I think yours is so pretty! Have a good week, Artika!

    May x • The MaydenBloglovin'

  2. This is such a pretty look! I love the look of that cheek stain, looks great! Lovely post :)
    xo Kiki

  3. I admire girls who can actually "use" make up products. LOL. I don't even wear a mascara. #clueless LOL. Loving the natural look, sweetie! xo.

    Much love,
    Sugary Fancies, Life and Style Blog

    1. HAHA mascara is my favourite! Thank you! :)

  4. You beautiful without make up too :)


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  6. Great routine, you look so pretty without make-up as well!

    Anika |

  7. so nice :) lovely blog! :)

  8. I thought you already had your foundation on in the first picture! Great skin! x