Sunday, 23 August 2009

(L), its just like how the story goes.

Second post of the day. Urgh, I'm seriously bored & currently waiting for someone to chat with me online. Sad eh. Hahah, what the heck. I'm appearing offline x) So uhhh anyways, I'm sneezing like mad now & since I'm fasting I can't eat panadol. *sighs* I've been applying vicks on my nose & my throat for a million times but neh. Not working lah, tsk. Kay moving on, I already asked Aqilah about the "haha" spam thing yesterday & she said it wasn't her. Kene maki rabak sak aku. Sorry ekh Qils. HEHEHEH. Idk who uhhh. Can't be me spamming my own blog right? Think I no life ekh? ^^ Alamak, cerite lamer seyy Artika. Get over it lahh. Will be buka-ing at Serangoon later.

And hey. My bill this month is $42. Shitx. Kay uhh I won't be answering any calls & replying any messages. I'll call back if it's really important. I can't wait to get a new phone at the end of the year plus a new plan. Free incoming like finally! That is if I pass my FYE.

Kay moving on, I found a lot a lot of scrap books on my book shelf just now. HMMM, from last year one lahh. Still some drawings inside but felt like burning it. Of course I wont uhh. Drama ke perrr.

Currently chatting with Dzul & boyfriend, webcam-ing with Haziq. The only person I get to video chat with. *sighs* sad. But gerek uhhh. HEHEHEH.

Alotta shit happened lately. I just don't wanna name it. But to whom it may concern, if you think your friends don't care, you're wrong. So stop complaining to people that your friends don't care. Cause it'll be lies. Don't assume things you don't know please.

And don't ask me who I'm refering to. You should know your drills if you're a frequent blog reader here. What I write is my own business. Don't ever ask whom/what it's about.

To see how the story ends, stay alive.

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