Friday, 28 August 2009

(L), Read This

Kay, I've been doing some deep thinking lately & decided that I won't be reveiling my new Blog URL. People have been treating me like shit lately as if I'm a human with no feelings.

I've told some people about my new blog & yes, they know my URL. To this people, I bloody trust you so you better not relink me & tell anyone. There is a reason why I tell you & not others.

But oh I won't be backstabbing so don't worry. Besides, nobody views when I was blogging here. Life's boring so yeah.

I would probably invite readers to this blog & reveal the new URL next time maybe. That is if firstly, if people will start treating me with respect despite how young I may be & secondly, if you promise to just read & shut up afterwards.

If you aren't happy with what I ever write in my blog, let me know. Don't spread to the whole world or ask another fellow to come & confront me. It's just so friggin childish. I have my own views & obviously I would not assume anything if it's not true. Kay you may think I'm a bitch but I'm not that mean.

I will once in a while upload pictures since Girlfriends have been begging me to have them. I'm just so lazy to send it to them via MSN. HEHEHEH.

Selamat Berpuasa. Goodnight.

PS: Girlfriends, (aka 1510 -.-) ask for my blog personally if you want it.

On Hiatus, Status Undetermined.

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