Saturday, 19 September 2009

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Second post of the day. EHEHEH.

Today was friggin fun I tell you! Kay my day started with not being able to go back to sleep after sahur. Listened to my iPod, then blogged. It's the previous post lah. Then bathed at 7.30am & cleaned the room. Still had time so watched TV. Khadijah called. Quickly changed then headed to Rafiqah's crib where Khadijah spent hours choosing the right tudong which suits her clothes while they spent hours curling my hair. Thank you v v v much Khadij & Rafraf!

At 11.30 we headed off to the bus stop. Boarded & headed off to Lot 1. In the bus Khadij was ahahah! Funny sia. She was like eyeing on every hot guy which boarded the bus. Alighted, went to Aries. She bought some make up for tommorow. It was all last minute. HAHAH. So yeah. By then it was 1pm. Somebody was late. Khadij & me didn't have anywhere else to go. So we waited at Level 5 then to outside Macs where the green people finally came. So yeah, headed off to the photo shop place to take our IC photo. HAHAH. Kecoh seyyy. Then headed off to some shoe shops where Syaz took forever to buy her shoes.

She wanted pumps. Black ones at first. Then Aidil just had to suggest Silver yknoww. We went to like 2 shoe shops. One on the forth level and the other at the first. When I was like helping Syaz choose her shoes, Boyfriend texted me saying that he can't make it after asking where I was. The next thing I know that idiot was behind. I was like ehhhhhhhh ! HAHAH. Tsk, felt like slapping him yknow. Hurhur, I miss my fughead (:

Headed off to collect our IC photos. Damn, I looked good kay! HAHAH. Omg, I sound like a bitch Kaykay. I'll put it in a more descent way. Hmmm. I obviously looked better than in my other passport photos. HAHAH. Kay enough. Moving on, we then headed off to Interchange where Boyfriend did idk what to his Ez Link. Then we joined Aidil & Syaz to Syaz's place while Khadij headed home after buying her brooch. We walked to Syaz's crib & it took bloody forever. My legs friggin hurt & I was friggin sleepy. Boyfriend was bullying me like hell throughout. So yeah, reached Syaz's block. The rest of us waited downstairs while she took some stuff. Guess what ? She lives in th same block as my my Uncle. AHAHAHA. Which was nearby Skinny Cousin's house who bloodyhell did not turn up.

Took a bus back to Lot 1 then took another and headed to Yew Tee. Coolshitx they have a friggin nice mall there yknow! HAHA.Kay jakon. The last time I went to Yew Tee was during flag day but I didn't notice that there was a mall there. HAHAH. So yeah anyways, checked out the shoes there. Syazana was still not satisfied. Then went out. Walkwalkwalk then remembered that Boyfriend had to collect his Ez Link at CCK. So yeah, we went back while the green people continued hunting for Syaz's shoes.

After collecting Boyfriend's card we sat down on the bench at the bus interchange. Friggin tired lah. So we rest for around 15 minutes then got back on our feet. Still feeling tired. Rest-ed again at a void deck near South View Station. As usual, we talked/laughed/insulted and yeah, the usual *shakes butt* By then, it was 5.30pm. Yeapz, way past my curfew. Rushed back home, bumped into Zul. So we went home together. I was late. Hence, got the usual nagging from my mum. Hence, couldn't join Amira & Azlina to play fireworks ):
But it's okay lah. I had fun today. We should do this more often lahh kan ?
*winks at Aidil & Syaz*

Love you fughead. Happy 4th Month.

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