Thursday, 24 September 2009

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Nazirah told me to read her blog. Oh my god, I nearly cried. Okay fine, I'm crying. But it's because I'm just so bloody touched by that bitch's words. HAHAH.

This is what she wrote in her blog (so lightly that only people with good eyesight can see.):

Remember Tika, when you said things change, well it's all the same. They will leave you hanging, but your friends will always be there. Always.

I is feeling touched. Awwwwww. What big words coming from a small girl right. I like ! Thanks Katek.

Well, basically Boyfriend made his promise and left blahblahblah the end :) I'm taking it rather lightly and idk why. Seriously idk why. Why ah? Wanna let it out but can't so what to do. It's a good thing though. People should call me Miss Independant. Harharhar! Merepek lah Artix.

Abg Shaf made me promise not to have a Boyfr till after O lvls while Dzul said "that's what they always say. 2 months later confirm got new Boyfriend one." TSK. Irritating idiot. Anyway, he was a good help for an ex boyfriend. HAHAH! Shit, I better shush before Az hunts me down.

Oh, sorry for not blogging for a looong time yeah. Daddy confisicated lappie ): Don't worry I'll be getting a new one before Khairiyah does. Muahahah!

So anyways, the last few days in school has been a bore. I can't seem to concentrate in class. Distracted by the irritaing couple behind me. Hahah! Jkjk Syaz! Got to get my feet back on the ground for goodness sake! EOY's in less than a bllody week. I have yet to start on my revisions! Kay, I'm sooooooooo fucking dead. Dead I tell you urgh !

And also Raye, Raye & more Raye! Tiring yknow. My cousins have been wearing different clothes while sissy & me have been wearing the same boring clothes. Yawn. So yeah. Today went to my cousin's place. Met Naz to pass that idiot her homework. Lazybum doesn't want to go to school because of a pathetic flu/sore throat and didn't tell me. Hah! Jkjk Naz. So yeah reached couzie's place, I didn't know anyone there but yknow just go in uhhhh. Eat eat eat a lott I tell you! Then I was saved by Nadiah who came a few minutes later. Thenthen skinny cousin came also! Yeayeayeay! There was a story telling session. Ehems. I was the story teller obviously. *rolls eyes at jerk* Ooops! Dil was excited when he saw a mountain of Ferrero onthe table. Then I fugured out that it was fake. I think. Doesnt bloody tate like Ferrero lah damn it. After that headed off to idk where at Fajar. Then went home. Tadaaa!

Kay I'm currently looking through my texts in a saved folder "29 April" *smiles at Naz* Btw that jerk has a blog! Get it ? He has a blog I tell you! The beautiful-moved-on face has a blog! HAHAHAH! Haizzzzzzzzzzzzz.

So yeah that's how my life has been so far. Miserable but exciting. Thank you Girlfriends + Abg Shaf for the lecture. Tskkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

Yknow what ? I think I should study. Eheheheh! Kay bye!

PS: I'm a sergeant bby ! *Roll Eyes at Aidil Puts!*

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