Sunday, 27 September 2009

Chapter 2 Page 5

Supz Readers!

How am I doing you may ask ? I'm doing well thank you. I think I'm becoming fatter though. Should have followed daddy to the gym yesterday lah right ? Hmmmm. Gotta watch what I eat! GAHS!

So basically had tuition this morning. Dzul texted me asking me if I'm doing okay. I didn't replied his text messages yesterday. I was busy busy busy and yeah. Just didn't feel like talking to him. I have my own bloody reasons kay. I wasn't trying to avoid him. Then figured that everything seems so wrong. Enough said. Azlina call me sooooon!

After tuition went to Pak Long's house. As usual bullied Arifin. Muahahah! Yani didn't followed. She just had to go to tuition. Urgh. After that went to my uncle's place. Coincidentally live in the same block as Syaz the big bully. Ahahah. After that went home.

As usual I had the Sunday Flu *sobs* I didn't need Panadol though. Yay! Kay bye.

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