Saturday, 3 October 2009

Chapter 2 Page 13

Hey hiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Gawd, I miss blogging yknowyknowyknowww!

I havent been saying about what I've been doing lately. I've been posting about what I feel instead, gahs. Silly Girl! Hahahah! Kay lets start.

Got to know that Nazirah's friend passed away. Forced her to attend the funeral thing but she doesnt want idk why. After school we headed off to Lot 1. Was some sort of mistake uhh. Shouldn't have gone there. Bloody heartbreaking and I bloody tried to behave lah kay kaykaykayyyy! Afterwards met Syaz & Aidil. Skinny cousin too! It was like a reunion sia. Almost every TWS students were there. Kecoh siol. Khai & I was like "who are these people?" hahahah! Went to KFC with Amira & Naz while Khai & Liana went off to the bus interchange for idk what. Mummy called, got lectured. Was forced to go home. Sad but yeah. Great day, seriously. Called Nazirah that night and she told me tjhat she bumped into this bxtch. No lah, the bxtch bumped to her. Urgh. Bloodyhell was on purposed. Move on lah Arse, your ex boyfr hates you now! Hahaha! Wth Artix. Better shut up. After that called Berok. Her operation went well, Alhamdulillah. She was in pain when I called her. Hahah!

Malay paper 1 & 2. I didn't cried doing my Paper 1 this time. It's a bad thing cause my story isn't moving enough. I hope I got good marks though. Paper 2 was tough but manageable. I think I'll just pass. I hope I pass this friggin paper lah. After that Miss Tan stopped by our class & told us that we did quite badly for our Chem test and I've just passed. That's bad kay even if I'm one of those students who can take O level science next year. Physics paper won't be so easy this time. Damn. I want to take through train for science badly. I neeeeed it! Urgh.

Went home. Bathed, cleaned & met Suhardi at Jelapang LRT. Met Liana, Naz & Khai in th train then headed off to Teck Whye to meet Amira, Putra & Hakim. For what you may ask ? Rayer babies! HAHAH! So first went to Hakim's place. I was making a fool of myself there. Burping out loud including. Hahah! What the hell. Then went to Hazmi's place which was so friggin far my legs hurt. He then decided to join us also. So there were 9 of us in total. After that trained to Putra's crib. As usual his mum cooked the best Mee Goreng, I swear uh! Hahaha. I looike ! It finally didn't rained, yay. After that to my crib. Nothing much, we only stayed for like 20 minutes cause someone was feeling v sleepy already. Walked to Liana's place. As usual her mum was funneh! And I likeeee the cookies. Hoho, nice! Then to Khairyah's place were Nissa dropped my camera. Zzzzomg. Couldn't work after that, I almost cried uh. Then Hazmi did idk what to it then poof! It could work again. Hahah! Thanks eh dude. After that to Nazirah's crib where we have to walk bloody long. Shant elaborate what we did there cause it's all v nice & later someone kembang. Hehehe. Jkjk Naz. Then walked to Amira's place. I stayed for only 20 minutes and then went back home alone. Some bloody matrep idiot asked for my number and followed me home halfway. Scary siol! Reached home, bathed then sleep.

Went to the gym. Then lunch. Then tadaaaaaa! Hahahah!

Photos from yesterday would be uploaded to my Flickr. But not all of them kay.

Sophia's birthday would be on the 7th but we'll be celebrating tmr. Yay, can't wait! Bye.

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