Sunday, 16 January 2011

Girlfriends (study) day out

Let me start my post by letting the whole world know that I have deleted my formspring, twitter and tumblr. Yes, no more tumblr. But I'm prolly creating a new account as soon as Liana makes one. I've been too attached to tumblr and also growing more narcissistic in terms of the number of followers I have. Then I saw this post about tumblr not being about the number of followers you have. I'll be back on tumblr as soon as Liana makes one and it will be more personal. No more just reblogging models and such.
Just things that inspires me (:

The second thing the world should know is that my best buds are the bitchiest types of friends one can ever have! Okay fine including me. I'm prolly the most bitchiest one among us. LOL. I shan't elaborate on that. Otherwise some people would hunt after me for secrets and such. But anyway, we went to study at the study room yesterday. In case you're wondering where, it's at Zhenghua CC. The place is rather cosy and since it was raining I felt like dozing off. Instead of that, we really did study. Of course with Liana around we've got to camwhore with Khairiyah's webcam. Apart from that and going to Fajar to buy snacks, we really did study. Oh, except Nazirah cus she spent like one-fifth of the time on her iTouch and god knows what Khairiyah had been doing on her laptop while we were away. By the way strawberry tea is awesome \m/

And speaking of going out with friends, a bunch of us together with Hakim went to Temasek Polytechnic's Open House. Gawd, it's so nice to see Hakim again. It's gonna be impossible not seeing him in class. Ergh, why do you have to leave meeee? Bloody jerk. Wakaka, kidding. Anyways, I'm really considering to take up Law and Management. But I don't know. Whatever. Afterwards, we went to Tampines Mall to chill awhile and then to Lot 1 where a lot of epic things happened. Hiding from the security, playing in the water and laughing at Khairiyah. Yes, that was fun :] pretty mean but seriously fun. I bet that one day when Khairiyah's all grown up she's gonna look back and laugh at herself as much we've been laughing at her. Hahah!

I'm gonna miss outings like these. I don't want things to change. Especially when there's a pretty low chance of us seeing each other next year ;')

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