Saturday, 26 February 2011


This week had been a study marathon. Thank God it's over. A few of my friends asked me out today but I declined cus I wanted to rest and study. Anyways, I'm prolly having a lunch date tomorrow with Alim. I just hope that jerk text me soon *crosses fingers*

Frankly, I thought I'd be able to finish my homework today. It turns out that I was only able to complete less than half of it. An A Maths mock paper and my composition corrections. I don't know. Maybe because I'm feeling lethargic all the time. Especially every Friday. By then I'd be so exhausted till I don't feel like going to training. Not that I don't love it anymore but being in year five makes you wanna stay at home more than dealing with a bunch of rude juniors.

Life had been so much dramatic nowadays. Is it because of my ego? If it is, I can't help it. Some people should be more appreciative to others. Never mind. I shan't dwell on small matters such as this. I don't really expect things to go around anyways. After all, we're left with only less than a year so it doesn't really matter because we'll still be separated in the end.

You know what? I discovered a theory about friends.
But I forget *shows teeth* Never mind then.

Moving on, I actually saved this post as a draft earlier this afternoon. I didn't know what to blog about. I'm actually feeling kind of sleepy now. But just a summary of today.

I had a nice ten hour sleep. I woke up and I realized that there was a MD Big Breakfast waiting for me. I heated it up and took a bath soon after. Had my warm but not fantastic breakfast, cleaned my room and went on tumblr. Wanted to add songs to my iPod but in the end, there were only thirty plus songs in it. $%#$#%&* It took like thirty minutes to sync everything and then went to study. Finished one mock paper and my composition corrections (as mentioned) and went online again. Around five or six, my family went out for dinner (without sissy cus she was at her friend's birthday party) I bought a Nike singlet which was on freaking sale. I'm wearing it now actually. Kekekek! Feeling a lil bit chilly. But anyways, we all headed home and the plan was to watch Megamind as a family in my parents' bedroom but there was something wrong with the stupid deck. So my sister and I watched Disney in the living room instead. Very lame but all the good shows are on on late weekends.

And ta-daa! Here I am, biding goodnight to whoever who reads this shit.

For real though. Goodnight! x

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