Sunday, 27 March 2011

Clean feet with maroon nails.

I wanna hang fairy lights all over my room :)

So I just returned from my so called holiday. It started on Friday. I went home straight from school, packed my bags, rested for awhile and then went off to Lavender. For the record, we took a coach there. Dad actually left the car at Malaysia for repair. Either way, I don't really like going on journeys. What's fun is that when we've already reached. Anyways, we dropped off after the last toll and my uncle fetched us from there. Had a very late dinner and then went off to my uncle's house to spend the night. My leg was full of mosquito bites and I couldn't get any fucking sleep. It's so annoying. I slept around 2am and kept on waking up because I felt like scratching.

So the next morning, I was the last one to wake up. Everyone woke up approximately at 7am and I woke up an hour later. Wakaka! Bathed, breakfast-ed and went to the mall for awhile and then packed up and headed off to the resort.

I didn't bring my camera with me so don't expect any photos jyeah!

The resort was called Le Grandeur. It is very very fancy. Plus, my sister and I got our own room. Awesome right? I had to admit that I didn't feel safe :/ But I finally get to sleep on the bed. It's comfy. I love!

After checking in, we went to our respective rooms. They all rested while I did my homework. Joy. Just after like thirty minutes, we went off to dinner at the mall. That was one of the worst dinner ever. It tastes fine but I only had one chicken. No rice no anything else. Maybe only fries and a glass of gassy drink. So I was still hungry after that. I bought a milkshake drink from Baskin & Robins. Yummy! And then the whole family bought a pair of crocs shoes. For myself, I bought a pair of dark blue pumps. I wanted to buy yellow but it made my feet looked like a banana boat :b

After that, we bought hotdogs from A&W and went back to the apartment. Had a second round of dinner and then continued with my homework, which I successfully managed to complete. Except for A Maths. I got stuck while doing a few questions and then decided to stop. After that, I had cup noodles, which I didn't finish. Thank goodness. There was nothing good on TV so, we went to bed (with one light on) around after midnight.

Woke up at 8.30am and watched TV. Dad came to our room a few minutes later for breakfast. So I had like four plates of different things. (Sleeping makes me hungry fyi) I had toast, salad, fruit and bacon! I like! Went back to the room to bath, pack and then went to the spa for a pedicure. My feet feels so fresh now!

After which, dad drove us home. And now here I am!

I need to do my chores now. Ergh. Sucks to be back. Tomorrow, school. Blehs.


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