Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Hellu again

Cheers to another boring day at home! 

If you had followed me on my Facebook, you'll know that I've been visiting nenek at the hospital for the past few days. The hospital's really nice. Like seriously the scenery is beautiful, really nature-like. Plus the staff are duper friendly. Unlike some other hospitals where they are too busy and also have a long face. I'm not going there today  but I hope she's alright :) 

I actually made full use of my day at home today, not. LOL. I woke up and no ones around. Yeayness! Bathed and did the my chores. I really did my chores today okay! Vacuuming my room/living room, washing the dishes, made both me and my sister's bed, did a little bit of laundry etc. I don't enjoy doing it though. After which I watched the EMAs and well, I prefer the Nick Kid's Choice Award better. Teehee ;P And seriously! What's with the naked guy? It was so disgusting! Who the hell was that? I'm still not sure if his meant to do that because if his not, the guards would have take him away or something. Eww eww eww. I feel like my teen hood is ruined! 

Moving on, I bought a take-out lunch from KFC today - which the cashier forgotten to give me the drink and I was too lazy to go back and ask for it. As usual, I rented a DVD and the movie I rented was 'From Prada to Nada' Haha, the tittle's pretty funny!

Are you familiar with Alexa Vega?

Obviously the one on the right -.-" 
Yes, she plays Mary on 'From Prada to Nada' too! When I saw her name on the intro I was like where's she? She look super different. If it weren't for the credits I wouldn't have recognized her. 

Moving on, I'm sure you can tell from these photos is that she acts as a really spoil brat who became poor after ..... Heehee, wanna know? Watch the movie yourself, nyaha! I'd rate the movie 8/10. It's really good, with unexpected endings and everything. And pretty hilarious too. You'd have to understand the jokes though, then it'll be funny. Hah, duh -.- Here's the trailer! 

Apart from that movie, I spent the whole day watching Disney's Prom. Yes, have I mentioned that Disney movies are my all time favourite? Anyway, they are! 

I don't really recognize any of the cast members, except a few maybe. Well, basically the movie is about PROM. Duh. With ups and downs. No doubt that our prom can never be as special as what you see in movies. I highly recommend you to watch this movie too because it'll move you. I won't be going to my Prom because, well. My friends are not going so why should I? Besides have I mention that we'll be having our personal Prom at Sentosa? Haha, more on it the next time. I don't know, I just expect prom to be a night where we'll all cry because we'll all be going our separate ways and such but knowing my class and our plans to having gatherings etc, I think I'll be seeing more of them ;) Hahs, so here's the trailer. 

Phew, that's it for today. I think I spend like an hour on this post. And yes, this post is re-editted. The original post is below. Just a short message.

Another post through my phone. A short one.

Just wanna let you know that if you cant gain access to my blog because I changed my url or it's private, it means that i'm editting my background. I do have another blog just for blogskins and 'test posts' but sometimes when I apply it here it would look like blehs. Nonetheless, it will be un-private soon.

And homg i'm watching the EMA's and what's with the nacked dudeeeee?
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