Friday, 4 November 2011



Now that O's are almost over, there are so many things I'm looking forward to! Holidays, outings. Ah, I've mentioned this before. LOL. Oh and I am weirdly looking forward to Hair Raya Haji this weekend. I hope my clothes still fit! :P :P :P 

Anyways, I'm sure most of you have found out that I own a twitter account. Well, once like a year ago and then again recently and I just deleted it like five seconds ago. It got boring. I created it at first because I now can access the net anywhere and I can like update whatever I'm doing anytime but yes, it got boring because my life hasn't change. I mean like, to me it isn't necessary to update about every single thing you do.

Plus I heard from a friend that news spreads quickly. Recently about this 'plus size' girl who takes a photo of herself wearing a singlet or something rather exposing. That chick had the same name as me and when I heard the story I was like uhhhh. But Amira assured me that it wasn't me (didn't terase, just panicked when i heard MY name, lol). I haven't seen the picture nor the tweets so forgive me if I'm wrong.

 Isn't it her business to take pictures however she wants as long as long as it's within the law? But yes, what is it about the picture that annoy all of you so much? I'm sure the picture isn't that bad till she revealed her boobs or anything. Some people are just too much. This is the world wide web, everything posted on the web will be permanent and even if you delete it people will still remember what you did to them and trust me karma will hit you, I can promise you that. Anyways to those who are circling the pictures and stuff, leave her alone will you? If you're that intrigued in the photo, share it among your friends personally. Don't be a mean. And I bet that the person who started all of this is as hot as hell. If you're not, well then. that's sad.

Oh by the way have you read Fauzi Rassul's post on Xiaxue? I don't want to get in the midst of things since it was like in 2009 but I salute him for this - x

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