Wednesday, 2 November 2011
Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi! 
Yes, I'm blogging through my computer right now as if I'm done with my O-Levels. I feel so thrilled to finally be able to use the comp, it's been so long! And yes, I've changed my blogskin on my own! Hahaha, yayness! Oh, and I've changed my tumblr theme too! So I'm sure you can tell that I prefer simple themes. Maybe during the holidays I'll modify it some more! 

So anyways, nothing's changed. I'm still pretty swell. Life's been fine. Everything's fine. Don't ask about my papers. Lol. Not that I wasn't able to do it. I can do most of it. But I don't really like talking about it cus it gets my hopes high. So yes. 

Apparently I don't know what to blog except about my seventeenth birthday. I shall do it in another post with pictures and all. Meanwhile, lets talk about youtubers! Yes, I've got no topic to blog about and I think this is my gazillionth time blogging about them. But I'll do it anyways! 

Have you listened to Justin Bieber's song Mistletoe? I'm sure you have lah right! So here are some covers I really like. HEEHEE. 

Cathy Nguyen (left) is gorgeous isn't she?! Her smile's like omg. Kay moving on. 

I've known Angelo Munji (not personally tho but you get what I mean) since a few years back? His a really cool dude and not to mention a friend of mine on Facebook! Yes, he accepts friend requests! How often do you come across a youtuber who accepts your friend requests right? It's so cool so add him up kay! x) 

And then there's another cover which I posted through my mobile. I just discovered him too. He sings everywhere! So yes visit his channel kay because I don't know which video of his should I upload it here - x

Okay so besides music covers and all, I have been Luan Leagcy-ing too. Lol, lame. 

And have  you heard of Jenna Marbles? Similar to Luan Legacy only slightly less vulgar, I think. oh and she's totally obsessed with her dogs. Haha, kinda cute the way she does it. 

(I just like the message of this video heh) 

Oh and haha! D-trix has always always crack me up. Especially this time. 

Anddddd, kev jumbaaaa! I like this video of his. Especially the K-Pop part! Hahaha! 

Okay so last video of the day. Avery's 'Go Screw Yourself.' She has a really amazing voice!  

Time for POA. Ergh. 

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