Monday, 19 December 2011

Abg Erman's Wedding.

Sooooooooooooooo? Watcha think? 
There'll only be one post per page but now there's an 'older post' link at the bottom of the post so I guess it'll be easier to 'rewind' right? I do feel like I can modify it some more but I think this will do for now ;D 

I actually wanted to squeeze both my cousin's and Miss Tan's wedding into one post but I didn't have time to upload all the photos. So on Saturday was my cousin's wedding. As always, I'm involved one way or another. This time, carrying dirty plates. Yes, so much for a day off right? 

My day started off with meeting my cousins and we headed off to The Heeren where the ceremony was being held. No, not the wedding. I don't know what it's called but personally, it's my favourite thing about weddings. It's where the groom will make all this promises and stuff. Gah, moving on, there weren't many people from my side of the family. 

Adam sleeping so soundly! Must be so fun being a toddler. 

And usually both the bride and groom will exchange gifts and such. There many more other than this but I didn't take photos of them cus, hehe. Malu lah! 

So pretty right! Ah, if only my body were that tiny, I'd be able to fit into anything! 

Look whose finally awake! So cute lah! He'll look at anywhere else but the camera. Grr! 

I usually feel pretty 'insecure' during weddings especially when it comes to taking photos of the pengantin cus there are pro photographers around - in this case, my cousin in law - and when I look at my camera I was like blerghs. But then there were relatives from the bride's side using their camera phone to snap photos so i just decided to do the same! Using my compact camera of course. 

Kak Aqilah! Laser mouth. Whoever who thinks I'm vulgar has obviously not met her yet. 

Yum yum the food! 

Afterwards we went to the wedding itself. There were a bazillion of people whom I didn't recognised but somehow rather they knew who I was. Weird. 

Mum and Kak Julie - my cousin who'll be expecting a forth child (son) anytime soon!

With Cik Wati. And yes, you've guessed it. The theme was pink! Me likey! 

Nadiah and Kak Hanim. Speaking of which, congrats Nadiah for passing your N Level. So berry berry proud of you! 

Yani and Sophia. 

My uncle took this. I'm on the extreme right. LOL. 

Nadiah, Sophia, Kak Hanim and Yani! 

And check out the food! Got Mee Soto! :D 

Sophia waitressing! Hahahahahaha!

Kak Julia, Cik Ilah, Cik Wati, Kak Hasanah, Mum and Kak Aqilah! 

Adam refuses to play with Naira. So bad! Hahahaha! 

Check out my nieces, Naira and Sara! I feel so happy that I finally have nieces. All this while it has always been nephews. It gets boring yknow. And then came Naira and Sara! Immah teach them all about make up! LOL! 


I love their eyes! So big! 

And finally, the bride and groom arrived. 

Check out Kak Aqilah's killer heels! Zomg.

Prezzies! Okay, technically not prezzies. 


And after a very long day, we finally sat down and gossiped. Heheh!

With Sophia

With Nadiah.

Kak Wati, Mum and Kak Aqilah!

Check out my aunt's maid! Hahaha! So photogenic! 

So yeah, that's that for the day. Their honeymoon will be at Japan. So kewl! I hope they bring me back something, hehe! 

Congratulations Abg Erman ;DD 

I think my wedding theme will be like purple and silver (wanted black and green but sissy choose that colour already, tsk!) With fairy lights above the whole thing. I'll have my own kendarat instead of asking my cousins to do all the work, heheh! Oh! And I'll have a big chocolate fondue fountain where they can go nuts by dipping marshmallows. And and also sesame street cupcakes! And and and there'll be vanilla milkshakes and durian prata! Nyum nyum! Insyallah! :D 

By the way, have you typed 'let it snow' in the google search bar yet? Well, here's what happens. 

There's snow and frost! Btw, I'm not slow okay. I discovered this a long time ago. I just decided to blog about it now heh. 


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