Thursday, 29 December 2011

Here's to all the upcoming Sec 2s-5s

Before I start on the topic, I'd just like to say something about my previous post. An ex boyfriend is NOT THE BEST person to go to when you have problems. Your first resort is always your mum/friends. Jyeah, I've forgot to mention that. Unless you regard him as your personal therapist of course. I'm sure guys would feel as if they're your 'backup plan' right? Just like how you girls feel when a guy who hasn't spoken to you for a long time suddenly calls you and the next day his gone again. Yes, guys have feelings too! Aww! 

Okay so back to the point. I've seen a few from students from my school and other schools posting on their Facebook statuses about upcoming seniors asking the Sec 1s to behave appropriately while in secondary school. And it's not just one but a few who actually did it and I know all seniors will feel this way when school reopens. Just one look at the Sec 1s and all of you will be like ughhhhhhhhhhhhh! Haha, I've been there. 

Let me get this straight. To those who wrote on your statuses about asking them to behave next year, is it a threat? Is it a threat when you say that if you and the other seniors see a Sec 1 merely staring at you or 'acting big', you would remember their faces immediately and that's when all the backstabbing starts? You'd spread the news about some kid who merely stares at you and acts big? Well, if you're a 'senior' why don't you just approach them and ask why are they doing that? Afraid that they might come back at you unexpectedly? But then again, you're a senior, right? So why be afraid of a bunch of 13 year olds? 

First of, never be surprised if a Sec 1 answers back, rudely. Everyone needs to defend themselves. If they're rude, take it that their parents didn't teach them basic courtesy or something. Second, you've made a wrong move by approaching them in the first place. Come on, they're just Sec 1s. Through all of our eyes, they're just kids! Why would you want to create drama with a kid? If someone older than you stared at you, would you approach them? I bet most of you won't. You'll just talk amongst yourselves which is really childish. 

I've been there. Okay technically when I was a Sec 2, the Sec 1s (current Sec 4s, majority of them at least, haha!) were pretty, meh. Okay. As far as I'm concern, I've never came across anyone who stared at me from head to toe or started any drama. I am aware that there was this girl whom I didn't really get along with but I don't really care. (Don't ask me why, just that she really gives me attitude whenever she sees me. Then again, really childish!) And well, I'll just cut to the chase. Arrogant people are everywhere, even in your batch. Trust me! I've deal with arrogant people. You can't just expect a junior to not be arrogant. Who knows, they were born that way. And well, saying such things on your statuses makes you arrogant too so that just makes two of a kind does it? 

Oh, and before I go any further, this post may not be relevant to Sec 4s and 5s because after all, you're taking your Ns/Os and TRUST ME, you do not have time for such things. Plus I'm not specifically refering to those who post those statuses on Facebook because well, most of you will be thinking the same thing and, this isn't a hate post to begin with nor am I defending the Sec 1s. Whatever negative emotions you're getting after reading this post will purely be because of your sensitivity. 

I was a senior (I think I still am, errr). During my last two years I thought that just because I stepped down from my CCA and I was one of the oldest students in school (one of the youngest out of the oldest to be exact) I expected my juniors to respect me. It was mostly because I was in UG and that respect is the up most important thing. But then a few of my friends started demanding respect from their juniors too and I didn't like what I saw. I actually seek advice from one of my teachers and my parents about this issue and they told me that if you want others to respect you, you must first respect them. Which totally makes sense because when I was a Sec 1, my CCA leaders would respect us. It's just basic courtesy. 

You know, you can't demand someone to respect you. Respect has to be earned. Sometimes stares can be purely accidental. Are you really gonna make a big deal out of that? But then again, it's up to you ;)

Good luck to all of you starting school soon! 
(And cheers to all the bored and dying O level candidates!) 

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