Sunday, 11 March 2012

Life in pictures.

Hello, I'm Artika and here's my life in pictures :) 

Here's my Dad and Mum before they got married in 1993. 

Here's my mum with one of my cousins who I now call Abg Hakim. 

Less than a year after they got married, mommy gave birth to ze most awesome daughter, moi.

*skips baby photos because I've got none :(*

Yes, I look so much like a boy. Blerghs. 

At the age of 3, I went to play group at kids sports. 

I was badass because I once punched a boy in the face and got away with it. Wahaha! In my defense, he was a bully. 

A few months later, a brat came into my family. 

The next year, I went to Nursery. 

Sissy always get big presents. 

But I'm not jealous because mine's always bigger! 

Here's my sissy. Check out her muscular arms! 

Back then, bowl haircuts were the bomb. So we were cool. 

 This was me when I was in K1. 

This was me in K2 and sissy was in playgroup. 
I was the tallest in class ^^ 

Us with an old friend who I don't remember. I think I was in Pri 1. 

*skips a few years*

My relatives will often come over to play.

Dad and my cousins.

Mum and my aunts. Never changed a bit!

*skips another few years*

Us at Tioman.

My cousins and I at night Safari.

*fast forward some more*

At 14, my family and relatives went to Cameron Highlands.

The smile-w/o-teeth-and-raise-eyeborws era.

Secondary school years.

Yezzz, I had extentions. 

Then Graduation (2010) - because I didn't go last year.

And then it's just life.

Me. This exact moment.

Here's to the people who saw me grew up - my family, my relatives, my friends - and didn't realize it.


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