Saturday, 21 April 2012

Awards Day/Orientation Week!


To those who came from my FB, I know I said that I won't be posting updates about my blog but aha, I just needed you guys to read this one! 

Zomg, I miss blogging. I miss being on the computer. Gah, I miss having time for myself. But I'm loving school so far. I'm actually at a point where I'm missing my secondary school friends and teachers so so much! So yes, ex schoolmates and teachers, I miss youuuuu! 

First of, Awards Day! 

Okay so I wasn't an award recipient. Could have been but whatever right?! *sour grape mode on* My sister was the emcee for that evening so my parents and I just came to support her. I bumped into my friends who were the top students for last year's cohort! :) 

Also took lotsa pictures with a few teachers
(see what I did there? :P)

Miss Ang! 

The best form teacher ever, Mrs Lee! 

Principal Mrs Tan. 

Mr Sam Soo! 

Mr Sng! 

Favourite E Maths teacher of all time, Mdm Tan! 
(Omg look at Susan's thumb! HAHA!)

Miss Goh! 

Mr Hanif! 

Cikgu Mis & Cikgu Is!! Best Malay teachers anyone could have, seriously. 

And then the rest are just us :) 

Now, Orientation Week! 

For those of you who don't know, I'm actually taking Diploma in Health Sciences (Nursing) (at Ngee Ann Poly) as my course. Lessons have yet to officially start so this week was just orientation week. Basically all we did this week was a lot of class bonding and meeting our lecturers. It's been really great! We won best tutorial group during the cheer off yesterday! Wee hoo! 

So yah, here are just some pictures of my classmates and I. The camwow photos belong to Sheri. I've yet to ask her but I hope you don't mind, Sheri! 


Watching CPR (Cool People Rock, lol. I just go it!) perform ^^ I wanted to upload the video here because I feel that it's much more nearer and a wee bit clearer than the video uploaded on youtube but anyways, click here to watch the video! They won Judges Pick! Weehoo! 

Hazliyana! She's actually Naddy's (my couzzzz) friend! Small world righttt! 

Nadzira & YiTeng! 

Tse Yen & Anna! 

Oh yes! I accompanied Syaz during one of the days to collect her contact lenses. She was friggin excited about it. 

In one of the lecture theaters. I love the place but there's no friggin reception lahhh! 


Yi Teng!

 Our flag! We were the only ones who combined the flag! 
(Two practical groups make one tutorial group so we submitted it as a tutorial group. Awesome or whutt!)

With Rash, Anna, Yi Teng and Haz! 

Oh! And Syaz and I facetime-ed with these people all the way from RP! 

So yes, Rafiqah, Azlina, Naz and Khadijah, if you're reading this, my earliest class ends at 12pm on Friday! So yay can hangout at causeway point after school! 

With Zul, Aidil and Syaz. We're not classmates. Just in the same course. 

Nadz and Haz <3 

Can't remember her name but she's from Myanmar! 

<3 <3 <3 <3 

And of course, everyone knows Yana deyyyyyy! 

With P05. (I'm from P06, awkwardddd!)

With the very popular, Mr Amsyar!

And the boys with the best hairstyles, Wei Rong & Cheston! 

Yesterday was the Movie Under The Stars so I mingled with other coursemates also! 

Senior Tedd! So gangsta, don't want to buy notes. HAHA! 

Okay yah, quality of the last few photos suck to the maxzxzxzxz! 

So yes, this week was super fun! Lessons start this coming week. I'm so ready, aha. Maybe I spoke to soon! 

Oh! And I got an interview with Jurong Health this Monday! Yayness! 
Wish me luck! 

Cheers to the friggin weekend! 
Gosh, it's been so long since I appreciated the weekend. Seriously!