Thursday, 12 April 2012

Rafiqah's 18th (II)

First off, thanks to Liana for letting me upload these pictures on my blog! I just took the ones with me in it. Which is like, what, one-tenth of the album? HAHAHA!

I look so friggin awkward in these photos lahhhhhhhhh!

So far away. Aha.

Okay I like this one - cus I'm at the back. Wahahaha!

Awkward in this one also because I'm the biggest. I would say fat but you might think that I'm fishing for compliments like 'you're not fat lahh zomg'. But honestly, I mean it in the most none attention-seeking way. But anywho, I kinda miss this. Never thought that I'd say that huh? Aha! 

With the birthday girl! 

Okay I know, I should be less self conscious. 

I already planned how I want my birthday to be like! A BBQ at Segar near Kak Hasanah's house - assuming that there's even a BBQ pit - and invite my friends and relatives. My birthday's on a friggin Tuesday so I'll make it on that weekend and we can celebrate Daddy's birthday too! Insyallah :)

Okok back to Rafiqah, 
Again, hope you had fun. How often is it that you have a surprise birthday party right? Maybe next year we make sure you won't suspect a thing! HAHAHA!