Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sour Sallying, Pizza Hutting

Hello there dear readers! 
Yes, I'm back with a more appropriate post. 

On Friday, Hazliyana and I went to Jurong Point for lunch and Sour Sally! Initially we wanted to share the Double Down burger but we were mad hungry and bought each for ourselves! 

And then we learned that we should just stick to sharing the next time. Aha! 

A few of my friends told me that we look alike. I didn't see it at first till Azlina said that we have the same smile. And then we were like, 'oh ya'. Aha, know why? We both have the same bugs bunny teeth! :B

Us in lab coats during MIC Practical! 
Am I right or am I right? ^^ 

So yes, we had sour sally afterwards - we shared this one! Haz suggested original flavour with oreo toppings :) 

Took a few random shots of my surroundings! 

Ah yes, I brought this laptop bag to school. How extremely weird right? Well, NP didn't give me a free laptop bag! Anyways, shout out to my NYP friends out there! 

Some shots with my webcam!

So yeah, that was us :) 

That evening, my family and I went to Johor for dinner. Well, actually to take my measurements for my Hari Raya clothes - I'm wearing purple this year! - and was supposed to have satay (again, zzz) but then I suggested Pizza Hut intsead! 

They were sooo generous with the toppings! 

That's it for today. 
Have a good week everyone! :)