Saturday, 23 June 2012

Day 01 - A picture of yourself with fifteen facts

  1. My full name is Nurul Artika Bte Raemi. 
  2. I'll be 18 this October 23rd. 
  3. I'm a student nurse of Ngee Ann Poly. 
  4. I'm the oldest child in my family. 
  5. I am 5"4. 
  6. I'm bonded with JurongHealth. 
  7. I'm a self-proclaimed shopaholic/chocoholic. Heh.
  8. I love kids so so so much. 
  9. Make up is my favourite thing in the world. 
  10. I laugh at absolutely everything. 
  11. This photo was taken in a fitting room at Causeway Point's Uniqlo. 
  12. I'm a very awkward person. 
  13. I prefer Disney over MTV. 
  14. I hate horror movies. 
  15. I mumble in my sleep - says my dad/sister.