Friday, 29 June 2012

Happy Birthday Azeem! > Polyclinic attachment.

Greetings one and all! 

First off, 

Happy Birthday, Azeem! 
As most of you have already known, I've known him for as long as I could remember - during the Friendster era! We knew each other online and believe it or not, we have not met nor have we exchanged our contact details (well besides our facebook - or back then, msn accounts.) A weirder coincidence is that we're both studying in Ngee Ann! Well, his in film and media studies and i'm taking health sciences so obviously, we're worlds apart. Still, I would usually walk pass the FMS building to get to where most of my lessons/lectures are held but we never saw each other. Awwh. Maybe we're just meant to be close internet friends. Aha! 

So yes, have a great birthday Azeem! And I really hope that I'll bump into you soon ;) 


Okaaay moving on, I'm finally done with my polyclinic (@ Toa Payoh) attachment! I must say that I've learnt a lot during these past few days and it has really been an eye opener for me. No doubt that my perception of nursing has changed but I was also able to apply the knowledge I've gained about diabetes to my relatives so that they (or we) could take better care of my sickly grandmother. Apart from all that, I got to witness a few procedures - which I can't say it openly here because it's confidential - and it was really fascinating. Plus the babies were so cute! I think that I won't be able to work in the children clinic because I'll end up playing with them ^^ Best of all, I received good feedback from my clinical instructor! I'm so glad! ;) 

So next week I'll be posted to a community hospital. Still pretty nervous because now we'll be dealing with real patients. (Lul, real? Like there's a fake patient zomg Artix you're so dumb.) I really hope that it all goes smoothly. 

For now, I'm just so psyched for the weekend!