Friday, 22 June 2012

Sara's 1st Birthday > Naddy's 17th Birthday > Seafood dinner!

Hello world! 
I'm back with a proper post :) 

First off Sara's 1st Birthday! Wanted to wait for my cousin to upload the photos on FB first (because I took control over his DSLR and was the one who took many many photos with it, teehee!) but I figured that he would be busy so I'll just use my cammy instead! 

Tied my hair into a fishtail braid at home. 

Then decided to let my hair go cus it's sooo rimas

Cus our family is that cheap to buy a birthday card. LOL. But this was made with love okaaay! 
(Get it? Cus it's a heart? Nevermind.) 

We bought her a pink FOX jacket. Because everyone loves FOX wee woo wee woo! Wanted to buy one for myself cause it's so niceeee! But no money lah heheh! 

Wallpaper. Swaggers! 

And when we reached, they just started the BBQ! 

Whoever who cooked this, it's the yummiest pasta I've ever tasted! :) 

Mommy with my nephew, Baby Raushan! You know how I've always told people that I have this really big nephew? Yes, his the one. And this is him at five months! 

Kak Julie with her four kids! 

My pretty niece, Tyas.. 

who just loose a tooth! 

Nephews Arifin & Umar. Handsomest kids ever. 

With the birthday girl and Tyas! 

So pretty right?!?!?!?!

Sissy, Nad and I.

Birthday girl and Kak Wati! 
The outfits are so cuuuute! 

Oh yes! And the theme was Princess Safari. I wanted to find something with giraffe prints - i don't know whyy, I just love giraffes - maybe a scarf or smth but I couldn't find any! So I just wore pink! And I loooove pink, more than Sophia Grace and Rosie does okkkk! 

The decorations! 

More food! 

Nad, Cik Wati & Abg Taufiq. 

The cakes! 

Yes, you might have already seen these photos on my instagram. 

So in love with my shoes. 
Tho I have to admit that they're not comfy! :( 

Nad, sissy and Sophia. 

Sissy, Mommy, Sara and I :) 

With Dad! 

With the cousins! And aunt and mommy! 

Kak Tyas again! 

Last photo of the birthday girl. 

Really fun night! I looove BBQ food! 

Which reminds me, my birthday theme would be checkers! Because I love checkers! Well, not that my birthday's coming soon but it doesn't hurt to plan early kkk! 

Next, Naddy's sweet 17th! Apparently lots of her friends came by to surprise her. Uh, I so jealous! :p 

I apologize for the awful quality because my batt almost died and yes, it friggin affects the quality of the photos. Blergh! 

Bought this month's issue of Teenage! 

Best issue ever! 
It's always been kpop artist on the cover and when I saw this I almost screamed! 

Happy Birthday sticky sweets from Nad's friend! 

Kewl right? 

And a teddy *says teddy in mr bean's voice* from another friend!

Had Nadiah to do my nails! 

And then Abg Taufiq & Charmaine came in with the surpriseee!

By the time I wanted to take a group photo with the presents, my batt died. Dang! But thank you Charmaine for the cupcakes! They're fabulous! 

Lastly, seafood at Johor with my cousins, aunt and lil Naira! 
(Yes, everyone loves Naira.) 

But before that, idk why but we had A&W! 

Okay so Naira's not a fan of my camera flash. Haha!

Had crepe! Haha, idk what it's called! 

And then to my family's favourite seafood restaurant. 

Again, not a fan of the flash. HAHA. 

Okay I admit that my shoes didn't match what I was wearing. 
LOL Artika what the hell were you thinking?!?! 

Used the sunset effect from my camera for this one. 

The outcome if I don't use it. 

Both nice laaa. 

Sissy, meselv, Kak Dilah & Abg Anis! 
It's really rare to get a photo with them. So gonna add this to my photo wall! 

And I was listening to California King Bed by Rihanna 3/4 of the ride home.  

Okay that's all. And the next post shall either be about the new eyeshadow palette mom bought for me (actually it's half-half, hehe!) or Nazrul's 1st birthday - where I shall be the unofficial photographer. Wee I love camwhoring! And birthdays! Yes, birthdays rock! And especially with Kak Lin as our host, I bet there's gonna be lots of yummy food! Ahhh can't wait!

Okay phew. Bye!