Sunday, 8 July 2012

East Coast!

Hello cupcakes! 

So today is pretty much the last day of my term one vacation. I'm weirdly looking forward to school tomorrow. Not much of the waking up early part but rather the fact that I get to meet my wacky classmates after a month! Ah yes, and did you remember how badly I wanted to go into student council while in secondary school but didn't had the chance to? Well, my application for HSS (Health Science Society, aka Delegates) had been accepted and I'm scheduled for an interview on Wednesday! I'm really glad but really really nervous! I mean, I've been to a lot of interviews (for my first part time job, DPA and hospital sponsorship) and I usually feel confident before my English orals back then. But idk why i'm just so nervous for this one! Perhaps because the interviewers would be students around my age or slightly older :/ 

Anywho, my family and I went to had a picnic at East Coast, along with few of my relatives. It was just one of those gatherings we have before the fasting month. Our day started off with having breakfast at KFC. 

I look totally un-glamorous today. Aside from no make-up, I had a friggin huge zit on my chin. Zits suck. But if you can't see it then blame it on my photo editing. Hehe! I don't usually edit people's faces okay but this zit is so friggin distinct! 

Okay so is it me or does my mum look older than my dad? 

And fyi, it's so insulting when people thought that I'm her younger sister. Seriously, hello? 

Found the perfect spot at Area B. Totally isolated from everywhere else. Meh. 

Fair warning, self-obsessed pictures ahead! 

Okok ignore my fat face please please please omg omg omg. 


I don't get why people say that my sister and I are starting to look alike. 

Not tryna be insecure or wtvs but she's prettier than me! 

I almost laughed when I took this photo. Hehe!

Okay so I only pent like five minutes on the beach and I barely touched the water. 

Nadiah, Kak Hanim and I got bored so we decided to rent bikes! 

Haha, my most handsome nephew. Why so serious?!

Cycled all the way to Area D till the cable ski park. 

And then went back to chill. 

Okaaaaaaaay I'm done for today. 

Better get some sleep now. Goodnight lovelies!