Saturday, 14 July 2012

Johor with le family!

Hello snow angels! 

It's been a hectic week. I got to know my results for my common tests and thankfully, I passed - most of them. Hehe. I'm planning to really buck up this term as it's gonna be a short one before exam starts. Scawy! 

Anyway, my family and I went to Johor on Friday for a movie and dinner. Well, mum did her hair while dad, sissy & I watched Ice Age 4 in 3D. The show was amazing! Well, not as bedazzling as Madagascar 3 tho but it was still good. Even my dad loved it! 

Okay photos nowww! 

Had Subway for lunch! To a Singaporean-Muslim, it's a huge deal. Heehee! 

Then off to fetch mum and to the hotel to have dinner! 

The ice lemon tea is so friggin sour! 


Challenged with sissy on whether who could finish our drink the fastest and I lost :(

Okay so you're wondering why we went to a hotel for dinner right? Well, it's because of this! 

Dad saw the brochure on the internet and so we decided to go there for dinner. It was really tasty. Me likey!  We're also planning to spend a weekend during the fasting month at one of the suites. I'll prolly be paying for the sahur buffet while dad will be paying for the room. And just so you know, I didn't volunteer to pay for it. Dad just asked if it was okay for me to pay and of course, I couldn't say no righttt?! I don't really mind anyways. 

Click here for more details!

Had our usual magnum for desert on the way home.

And I shall end of this post with an act-cute photo of me eating my magnum.

Bye everyone! 

PS: Next post shall be about Zachary! ;)