Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Midnight Geek

Greetings sweethearts! 

So I'm not forfeiting the 100 days picture challenge. I just decided to do the when I'm like really free. Teehee!

So yes, another term has started and for nursing students it is only our second week due to our clinical attachment. To be honest, I'm still trying to adapt to the environment. Everything still seemed pretty new to me but nonetheless, life feels a gazillion times better when I see my friends in school. 

Quite a lot had happened since the first week. We got to know that Ngee Ann Poly will be turning 50 next year! I can't believe that NP had been around for that long. It's always upgrading every year! This year, the sports complex just opened AND certain parts of the school are still being renovated. If I'm not wrong, there'll be new classrooms/lecture theatres above Makan Place. Just when I thought that NP couldn't get anymore huge! 

Students could actually play a part by suggesting how they would want to celebrate NP's 50th birthday! For example, I suggested that there should be a fireworks display at the end of the celebration :) Apart from that. there'll be pictures of bullseyes (however it's spelled) around campus. What we're supposed to do is to snap a photo of it and upload it on instagram with the tag #NP50. I'm really hoping that next year would be a fun year! 

Apart from that, I bumped into a few of my secondary school friends. I can't specifically remember who but one of them was Mervyn! Yes, Mervyn! Bumped twice into him actually. His extremely charming now, I can't even say. Aha! I've also bumped into a few students from my clinical attachment and it turned out that majority were from my lecture group. It already feels like I know everyone. Hahaha! However, I didn't get to meet Syaz this two weeks. Our plans always tend to clash at the last minute. I mean no matter how close we are we would still have to put our studies as our top priority. Sigh, I really wish she was in the same class as meeee! :( Ah and yes, I finally met Azeem too. Have never met anyone who was so happy to be in their course. Hahaha! ;)

Next, my new laptop! Yes, I finally own a proper laptop! It's been pretty hard relying on my old notebook which is only like what, ten inches? Besides, it had been around since forever and the battery's pretty weak. Not that I'm being choosy but hey, I really needed a proper laptop. I named it Zach - short for Zachary! I find it perfectly normal okay! Syaz and YiTeng also named their laptops ever since I did it! HAHA, because we're cool like that \m/

And then there's my new wall colour! Shall upload photos the next time ;) 

Lastly last last last, I'm part of the Health Science Society, whoopie! Honestly, I can't even explain how happy I was when I got the text saying that I got in. Okay so what's Health Science Society (aka HSS aka delegates!) you may ask? It's similar to our secondary school's student council. For the record, I've always wanted to be a student councilor while in secondary school but none of my friends wanted to join. So I'm lucky enough to have some friends to sign up with me this year! I'm so glad that I'm finally a part of something - since I've got no CCA. I'm so determined to be a part of it for the next three years and I really hope that all goes well ;) 

Okay that's all the news I have! Fasting starts this Saturday and I'm feeling pretty excited! I'm so looking forward to going raya with both my old and new friends. Yeay!