Sunday, 5 August 2012

Happy Friendship Day!

Greetings lovelies! 

Happy Friendship Day! This goes out to all of my closest friends out there ;) 

Here's to 

my best friend whose always there for me

to the wackiest people i've ever met

to the boy who I share my stories with

the girls i love dearly

my best friend who gives me the greatest advice

the boy who taught me not to give up when life gets rough/
(look friggin idiotic here. excuse my secondary school face) 

the girls whom i treat like sisters

the people i shared the same passion with

the people i rarely meet but make every second of our small meetings count

to the girl who taught me that with hard work, everything's possible

and the people who taught me that no matter how far the distance, there's always a way to go back to each other.

If you don't see your face here, I still love you :)