Monday, 20 August 2012

Hari Raya 2012 (1st Syawal)

Greetings my twinkle twinkle little stars! 

I'm sure all of you know what today is ^^ 

Okay to be honest, my house wasn't at all prepared for raya till this morning. We were all rushing to clean living room etc. But if you know my family well, I'm sure that won't be a big surprise for you :p 

I wore purple this year, along with Daddy! While mum and sissy wore blue. We decided to go simple this year and just wore baju kurung. Honestly, we were just to lazy to think of a design for our clothes, LOL. 

I don't know why but every year, mum would always come up with a funny thing to say to Dad during the seek forgiveness ritual. Like this year she said, 'don't forget to pay the debts you owe me'. -.-"

Then as usual, we went to my paternal grandma's house first! 

Henna! First photo done at Geylang while the second one done by Kak Hanim. 

With Bella! 

With a couple of my cousins and her boyfriend :) 

Oh yes! Manage to take a photo of this! Guess which one is Daddy! 
Hint: His the youngest in the family ^^

With Kak Nadiah! Yes, she was my tutor for three consecutive years and now she's teaching my sister. Ah, miss her lessons!

On the way to my maternal grandmother's house! Just few random shots. 

Mum and my aunts! 

Charmaine & Kak Hanim! 

With Kak Hanim! 

The cousins! 
Me, Charmaine, Kak Hanim, Kak Aqilah & Nadiah

Us with Kak Wati! 

Poly cousins! 
(Abg Taufiq, Kak Hanim, Charmaine, Me and Abg Asyraf)
Have been wanting to take this shot since foreverrrr, literally! 
And yes, I'm the only NP student here -.- Coincidentally we're lined up according to the year we're in as well! Starting from Abg Taufiq whose in year three, kak hanim in year two and the rest of us in year one ^^

With ze most naughtiest cousin! Never failed to disturb me, since young!

 Baby Raushan! Just look at those cheeks!

And I forgot to take a photo of Nazrul! 

Sissy and Nadiah

Naira, as usual giving the malas nak layan face. Zzzz. 

With more cousins! 
Left is with Kak Dilah & Kak Lin and right is with Aidil - another poly cousin (from RP pshhhtzxzczx) 

Ah yes, meet my first (local, cus I still have nieces and nephews in Malaysia) niece, Tyas! I gave her my Cath Kidston bag and she loved it! Omg seriously, I love this girl! 

 With one of my cousin-in-law :) 

Okay I'm sure most of you are wondering why is this ah moi here. Hahaha, she's Abg Taufiq's girlfriend (cheeyyyy!) and I've been seeing her a lot every time I go there. Shez awesome!

Okay so I'm sure you can tell that we were all very tired here. 

Now, family photos!

Just few snaps of the food!

And ending of this post with a few shots of polaroid photos from Charmaine!

So yes, this year was pretty fun. Some of my single (and working) cousins are starting to give raya money to the rest of us. Ah, how fast time flies. And in three years, it'll be my turn! Zzzzzzzzzzz. 

Okay done! 

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all my Muslim readers out there! Do forgive me if I had ever used any foul language or had offended you in anyway - be it directly/indirectly, in reality or in my social profiles. Do enjoy this festive month and don't forget to be safe whenever you're out! xoxo