Sunday, 5 August 2012

HS/Nurses Day!

Greetings lil chipmunks! 

This week, like any other week, was hectic as hell! Okay so I wasn't really involved with the preparation for HS Day but I've been going to Khairyah's place for the past four days for my CITS video. I didn't had time to study for my FON test :( 

So before I start blogging about HS Day, lets start with Nurses Day! 

To be honest, I only heard of it a few years back. It's a day (1 August) dedicated to nurses in Singapore for their dedication, hard work and sacrifices. I know. What do nurses do right? I mean, most of us only do bedside care and paperwork. Meh. It's more than that. Did you know, 49 nurses died during the SARS period in just one month? I remembered the stories my lecturer told us that day. There was a period of time when the nurses weren't even allowed to go home. Or had to go home late and go to work early the next day to prevent direct contact with their family members. Two weeks of not hugging and kissing your parents/siblings/children. Can you imagine that? Apart from that, those nurses had to see people die everyday and despite that they still do not feel numb. I can't even imagine how extremely sad it must had been. I was only 9 when it happened and I only remembered feeling happy that there won't be any school for a couple of weeks. 

I hope that that short paragraph changed your perspective on nurses. I may not be a nurse yet myself but every time someone tells me a story about how nurses devote their time towards their patients makes me proud that I'll be one of them soon. Happy Nurses Day to all nurses out there! A belated one :) 

Moving on, HS Day! First off, I'm so mad that it contradicts with my test! Hello, it's HS Day?! What a way to celebrate our first one right? Blergh. Anywho, Syikin & I were make up artists that day! LOL okay no. Apparently most of the performers already had their own make up artists and we only ended up making up (lol, making up?) one girl. But it was great fun hanging out at the changing room. It was fun knowing what goes on behind the curtains. And when I've got nothing to do, I'll join Sheri, Rash and the other backstage crew members. Was pretty squeezy but I got the perfect spot to watch the performance! 

The event started at 3pm and I finished at 11.30am. We were supposed to report there at 12pm but the year twos were pretty busy and honestly, I wanted to help but I didn't want to make it seem like I was interrupting them or something. Tho now when I think of it, I should actually have offered to help :p Anyways, since there wasn't much to do, I met up with an old friend at the atrium.  

Yes, I met up with Mr Rio Haikal ^^ Seriously, it's bee like what, three years? Pshht, seemed like forever, don't ya think! And for the record, we're still in good terms. Just because we're not together anymore it doesn't mean we stopped talking at all okay haha! 

After that 6 minutes catch-up, I went back to the convention center. Still, nothing much to be done. Sooooo, we camwhored! 

 With Syikin! 

Syikin & I with a few former excos from Delegates! Currently in Year 3. Dope people!


Yes, everyone remembers Fithri right? He has grown so much! I know most of you won't believe me but really! His slightly more mature now. 


some things still haven't change ;) 


Okay more photos. 

Zul getting his hair done. 

AAP lecturers involved in the fashion show! 
Dr Eugene, Dr Anu and Dr Alpana! :) 

Syikin with the Myanmar dancers. Or models. I can't remember teehee!

After that, I got bored cus Syikin had to go to class and I'll be like a buffoon sitting alone in the changing room. So I went backstage to watch the performances. 

Okay so that's it from me for this post! I apologize for the sucky quality photos. I took them from my iPod. I'd take the photos from my phone but the battery died. Boo. 

Okay so I'm ending of this post with two photos of me. One with make up and the other without. I'm not trying to imply that I look pretty with it on or that I have natural beauty. Psht nawww! Further description will be based on your judgement. Just keep them to yourself. Anyway I only posted this because my friends can't tell whether I'm wearing it or not (cus I usually wear very nude colours for my eyeshadow). So ta da! 

Left is without, right is with. That's it for today. We'll be back in awhile for a surprise post. Hint: It's about my favourite reality show related to my favourite comedy-musical series ^^