Saturday, 18 August 2012

More bout JH.

Greetings buttercups! 

I'm sure all of you already know that I'm sponsored by JurongHealth for three years (where I have to serve them for three years as a staff nurse at their hospital) Yesterday, I attended the site touring of Ng Teng Fong's hospital. Apparently I was the only student nurse there. Others were either scholars specialized in a specific field (eg radiography) or current nurses from Alexandra Hospital. Not that I feel low in their presence but during the engagement session where we're supposed to write down our thoughts etc, they were writing things like having high tech equipment or hiring top notch medical workers and my answers were like having more food outlets for visitors and make the wards more colourful. Ah, how humiliating! 

Okay moving on, here are some of the things which were told during the session.
(I might be wrong so do let me know!)

Q: Who is Ng Teng Fong?
A:  He was the chairman of Far East organization whose family donated a generous amount to JurongHealth. Hence they decided to name the hospital after him. 

Q: What are the three integrated blocks? 
A:  First would be the Jurong Community Hospital (286 beds, outpatient clinics, wards etc). Second, Ng Teng Fong Hospital (700 beds, wards, ICUs, OTs etc). Lastly would be the Specialist Outpatient Clinic (training centers, consultation rooms etc) 

Q: What are the key features (lol haha key features!)?
A: Well, there will be a window for every patient - click here and here. Also there will be a link bridge in between Jurong Community Hospital and Ng Teng Fong Hospital. AND and and and to Jurong East MRT station as well! I forgotten where it is linked to but yerpz, it will all be connected for the convenience of the patients and visitors! I'm sure that there are more unique features to the hospital but I find these two rather, awesome (?) 

Okay so that's about it for today. Back to spring cleaning! :)