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Sunday, 23 March 2014
Greetings Sunshines!

My attachment is finally over and I am glad to say that I have officially cleared my second year in poly! *applause* I'm gonna go more into that some other day in a different blog post :) 

So the girls and I went to SEA Aquarium a few weekends back to celebrate Nazirah's birthday. It started out as a surprise but the bitch keeps on ruining it by trying to guess where we're heading to. That's it Naz,  no more surprises for you! LOL JK. 

Nazirah's fake shocked face when she realizes that we're heading there. HAHA!

By the way guys, there'll be more photos of us than the fishies so yeah hehehehe!

We had to like go through a long path of some exhibition before reaching the actual place. And then yeay we're finally here!

The place was dark so most of the time, I had to either use my camera flash or increase the brightness. 

LOL my lips looks so goth here, heh!

I'm always fascinated by how stingrays looks like from the bottom. 

Me and khai signalling the fishes to come closer BUT THEY STILL DON'T WANT TO. 

Was so excited when there was a hands on! 

I really urge you guys to touch every single creature in that tank if you happen to go there! The rays of the stingrays have been removed so they won't sting you! Plus, there's a sea cucumber at the corner so have a feel of that! Super regretted only touching the starfishes :(

Okay irrelevant photos of us now!

Another baby stingray!



Okay jellyfishes now!

HAHA limelight shots.

And by the way this is me tryna zip up my bag!


I have a thing for really cute turtles! 

And guys omg! The toilet is nautical themed!

I have a thing for nautical stuffs if you guys don't know heh. And I'm into floral prints and feathers heh! 

And the girls were complaining that I don't usually touch up much when I go to the ladies. HEHE. 

Went back out to see another exhibit. 

LOL I bet you guys can come up with a dialogue for these photos!

Ah yes guys, do you remember when I did a review on prettyloved_? If not, click HERE!

Well, they have opened up a booth at a flea at Sentosa Broadwalk!

I might doing a proper post about them when I visit them next time :) In the mean time, do drop by if you're around that area!

Anyways! We headed to vivo afterwards. I told the girls that I'll be meeting a friend while they can go find a spot on the roof but I was actually getting a cake from awfully chocolate hehehehe. 

The roof top was pretty crowded but I still liked that place. I don't really go here anymore because it reminds me of so many things. Not that I hate it but I would rather not be reminded of things of the past right now.  

I got the chocolate crepe and brownie which was not bad. 

Happy girl with her cakes!

It's pretty much camwhore photos from here on out :)

That's pretty much about it! I hope Naz enjoyed her day because I know I did! And thanks to Efah for the slightly cheaper tickets!

Ending of with the photo of the day! 

Goodnight loves!


Outfit: Top - Nichii, Floral Headband - prettyloved_, Bag - ShopKysse, Shoes - Timberland 

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