Post Exams!

Friday, 29 August 2014
Greetings starshines!

So here I am, finally doing some late night blogging and not having to worry about anymore papers because exams are OVER. *throws confetti!*

It has only been a day and I felt like I have done so much to celebrate the completion of my academic year on campus. Firstly, I went grocery shopping straight after my last paper to buy random things like instant cake mix. Secondly, my whole family headed to Johor on that same night for some satay, which was so so good by the way. Lastly, I went on to bake using the instant mix I bought earlier. Even after that I was still pretty much awake as I was just so happy that school's finally over and I don't even know how to go about blogging on how much polytechnic has changed my life. 

But let's just save that topic for another day ^^ On with the post! 

Ridhuan and I finally went out for a proper outing today and to our usual place which is none other than Vivocity. If you're probably wondering why we (or at least I) like coming here is because a) there's everything, and I mean everything! Sephora, F21, H&M, Topshop etc etc. Ah it's just shopping heaven! And b) That place has a really dope rooftop with one of the nicest views to watch the sunset and fireworks if you stay till 9pm! 

Not much photos in this post but I hope it'll do. And please don't mind the eye bags because bloody exams have got us staying up till late.

First thing we did was decide on a place to eat and we chose Fish & Co. We have a friend who was working there and she gave us a pretty decent discount :)

Couldn't finish my food but I was gobbling up Rid's fries and mash potatoes because potato ftw!

I can't remember what we did after that but I recalled bumping into a few friends which was totally epic! Then we made an impromptu decision to buy mooncakes because I have been craving for them since the last time I had them - which was years ago! 

Ah yes and we actually sat and chilled at coffee bean for a drink (well, his drink haha!) while eating our mooncakes. Damn random right, I know. 

And surprisingly, that's pretty much it! Was kinda sad that our day had to end faster than usual because someone has another paper to study for next week ahahaha but anyways, I'm just glad to be able to go out with him before our internship starts. 

Shall end of my post here :) 

Goodnight lovelies!

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