i beg to differ

Friday, 18 July 2008
hello beautifuls ;D

school ? we had this traditional games today.
from 11am all the way till 12.30 . it was like freaking hot .
thenthen some 3T1 & plus 2N3 guys did a shuffle thing
there . free show, its cool ykow . they did it where everyone
is present while raihan & hakim did it at the front of the
parade square, where not much people saw . hahahaha !
thats all for school today .

then, hmm . lets see . now on disney is 'dinosaur'. the
cartoon . looks real though . i used to love the show .
but somehow rather, i got tired of it cause i use to like
watch it everyday when i was young . so yeah ..

& no ones online now . && yani is going to the NDP
preview tomorrow ! no fair, i wanna go . i remembered
when i was in p5 i went there with my pri school .
haniyati & me were like shouting like mad when taufik
performed . hahahahs ! & we went back at 1am .
tiring but i miss that momment lahhs .

violence wont solve anything .

okay, why you may ask ? the story started yesterday .

it was dismissal . went to canteen with girlfies .
we passed by 2N2 & we saw 2 guys fighting . wont be
named but im sure the Sec 2 students from my school
knows ;D so anyway, they were fighting cause the chinese
guy were talking crap about the malay culture . hence, the
malay guy got angry & poof . the fight started . from what i
know, ilham ended it by pulling one of them, i think .

so moving on ..

yesterday again . i editted the part on screams on my blog .
i asked khairiyah sayang to help me continue after the sanity part .
& she said "your face turned the red light, green" hahahahahs !
i was laughing my head off plus i was on the line with fandi .
funny lah that girl, full of crap . like me ! :D

kay, before i end,
Nazirah, tell me how it goes about the confession thing yeah !

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