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Thursday, 17 July 2008

heyoooooooooo :D

*this's post is edited kays ?

time shows 9.40pm . i cant seem to remember
when was the last time i stayed up this late
online . anyways, i was discussing with khairiyah
about what colour are we going to wear next monday .
i'll be wearing green same with amira (: plusplus
jia wen & asmine will be borrowing my clothes . heh .

okay school you may ask ? hmmm, was okay .
during pe, we were playing traditional games . gahs !
abit boring . the hong kong girl is really good in the
skipping game . so is hakim ;D , irritating guy . hahahs .
then, girlfies nominated me for hopscotch ? hahahs ! wth ?
i mean, the last time i really played hopscotch was like
2 years ago with my juniors at pri school . nyahaaas -.-

so yeah, that was my day in school .

oh yeah, i added some more posters in my room,
its urm .

  1. 2 Jonas brothers
  2. 2 Nick Jonas
  3. 2 Cody Linley
  4. 2 Zac Effron
  5. 1 Aj & Aly
  6. 1 David
  7. 1 Emily Osment
so altogether i had urm, like 11 posters . got it from
the popstar magazine ;D

But, they meant nothing . They're just posters, kay ?

& hmm lets see, its the 17th today . i thought theres
something special about this date . someones
anniversary i think . cant remember who . heeees .
oh wait, ashraf couzie & his gf ... oh no, their's on
the 14th . hees, 7 months dude . last long :D

alrighty then, im out ! :D

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