sick, cold & confused

Monday, 28 July 2008
hellohellohellohello :D

urgh, stupid nose ! i've been sneezing like
mad since malay lesson this morning , in
fact before that i think . & im feeling cold !
hot at the same time. im having a cold
& feeling somehow feverish at the same
time . i feel so uncomfortable ! GAHS !

anyways, school ? i got 2nd highest for my
D&T test ! yeahyeah ! highest was raihan .
he got 26/30 . i've got 25, heheheh ! plus
no one from my group failed , yayayay !

kay moving on, malay teacher didnt come
today . and english teacher also . free periods !
well, not really . we still need to do homework .

& somehow rather, hakim is getting
veryveryvery irritating . his sat in front of
me during geography & beside me during malay !
his always asking me about Sabila's feelings
towards him when they were in a relationship
last year . and i was like "mane aku tau ?!?"
plusplus nazirah was like "kim, please uhhs .
artika da ade mataer lahs ." HAHAHAS !
its kinda funny when you're attached &
some other guy try to irritate you, you can just
use your boyfriend as an excuse to make
the other guy shut up . nyahaaas, its true yknow !

after school, went straight home . okay not
straight home, went to the staff room & then
went to greenridge for awhile . then went back home .

at home, after lunch and everything, it was
tvtvtvtv ! boring though . then i bathed, studied,
had dinner & now blogging . my day seems so short
today . but it wont be tmr , cause all the Uniform
Groups are having a parade ! ahahahas ! plus
its me & fandi's 3rd monthiversary tmr too !
haiz, just when i thought that i was freeeee , GAHS !
& salina's the parade commander btw , as mentioned,
i think, heh .

lets see, oh yeah . when i went to sch this
morning, amira was like "ekh, korang tau
tk, bdk tu baru balek melaka kan, beli
baju baru uhhs !" i was like "hehehehehe!"
& during assembly, khadijah said, "artika,
congrats" i was like "for what ?" then she
was like "urrm, congrats in advance . 3rd
month luhh deyy" i was like "ohhh thks"
then i told syazana "Syaz, congrats !" cause
it was her 4th month with aidil . heh . & she
said "thks, you too !" hahahas, funny story .

& now, on star world is "FRIENDS" . i love the
theme song ! lalalalals !

alrighty, im done with today's post .
bye !

tattoos last longer then romance .
just like a tattoo, you're always in my heart.
-Jaslin Soh
happy 3rd month anniversary in advance baby :D

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