happy belated 3rd month baby !

Wednesday, 30 July 2008
hellohello :D

yesterday, rocked ! well a little . went to school ,
reached class & i was smiling at amira . she was
giving me the -.- look . hahahs ! & khadijah & syazana
was wishing me happy 3rd month the whole day
through . plus rena, venice, khai & azlina also
wished me the same thing . hahahas ! thx guys .

& theres parade yesterday too . during our own
training, there were like alotalot of bees from above .
not above as in, urgh ! yknow what i mean . yeah,
there were bees & the sirs ask us to go under the
shelter . nyahaaas . i thought got bomb sia . LOL :D
& get to go back early cause i was having a headache .

ooh ! i got an A for my maths level test ! yayay !
kay let see, best in home econs & 2nd in D&T :DD
okay shut up, artika !

anyways, didnt go to school today . i was having a fever
this morning . but somehow i recovered soon after
that . yknow the feeling where you just recovered from
a fever & you're like sweating ? yeah, i had that feeling
this morning . slept early last night, woke up at 12am to
take my panadol & i cant sleep till 4am . GAHS !

then tmr, theres PE . dont know whether im doing it
anot . oh yeah, about sch, damn it i hate my mt teacher !
she can actually insult us like shit sia . cikgu sialan btol .
i dont care if my teachers see this part uhhs , they
deserve to know it , seriously ! i mean, it was my 3rd month,
plus i got an A for Maths & this kinda person can actually
turn a good day into a bad one ! nyahaaaaaaaaaaas !

this after noon was a bore ! had to off the tv at 2pm .
& since then, i was reading magazines and doing the quizes .
gosh, i miss school at a time like this . nyahaaas .

so moving on, i think theres gonna be a parade tmr .
ahahahs ! i dont wanna go . i still feel weak yknow .
feel like quiting actually . but its okay , left like
a few more months till im finnaly a corporal ! yayayay !

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