Wednesday, 13 August 2008
hello bloghoppers !

kay, just finished making a background for my
friendster profile . Go check it yeah !

So anyways, today was okay overall . After Peer
tutoring, stayed back for awhile . Camwhoring
with Nazirah & Norliana :DD it was damnn fun !
Seriously man . Its been quite a loooong time
since I camwhore with my Girlfies . heeeeeeees .
& there were 3 free periods ! hahahs, so it was
yayayay for us !

GAHS ! Mum's nagging again . kaykay gonna make
this quick .

Last week was my Cousin's 24th Birthday . & it was
taufiq's 16th Birthday too ! andand It was Mikhael
16th Birthday alsooooo . hahahs ! shhhhh GIRLFIES !

& the Sunset today was AWESOME ! ;D Mikhael
was the one who told me to look out of the window
to look at the Sunset . Hahahas . Once again, shush
about it Girlfies !


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