Boyfriend & Girlfriend, secret lahs !

Monday, 11 August 2008
hello hello hello hello ! ;D

kay today you may ask ? was okayy .
had tution in the morning . it was quite
fun . Erlyyana & me were like listening
to this song through my iPod . wakakas !

& after tuition, went to my couzies place
return the DVD i borrowed . Stayed there
for awhile then went to meet girlfies at
plaza . i was late apparently but khairiyah
was hugging me tight when i get there . hahs !
okay, went window shopping awhile then went
to lot 1 . oh, & guess who i met at the bus stop,
Farah lahhdeyy ! From my primary school .
Gosh, she changed alot ! Yeah & she was like
"ekh muke kau lain ekhs !" & squeezing my
hand at the same time . Plus she's studying
at Qweensway Sec & doing fine i guess . last
I heard she was going out with Aliff . ;DD

So anyways, went to lot 1, had lunch & met
hakim there . After lunch, me, hakim & khairiyah
went to look for tops ! yeah, i need more tops !
But, neh i didnt get anything . hehehe . So after that,
met the rest at the library . Oh yeah, so Zuo Dong btw .
he didnt see us though . huahuahua ! Okay yeah,
went to the library . Amira & Norliana was at
other sections while nazirah, me, khai & hakim are stuck
at the magazine section . Oh, & the one whose stuck
is actually Nazirah & me . So we got this crazy idea
of being together . yeahyeah . like BGR like that . except,
we're girls & it wasnt official . hehs . No, its not real .
We were just playing with each other okay ! & the
whole day through was like "110808 ! 3.35 !" & i was
like "hahahahahahas !" But yeah, im no way the
Butch okay ! huahuahuas !


so yeah after lot 1 was greenridge . met fandi's mum there .
& after that was taking the looooooooong way home .
okay, not so loong . but still theres a shorter route which
I refuse to take . hahahs ! & i was hoping to meet
fithri otw home, but yeah he wasnt at his usual hang out place .
GAHS ! i miss that boy .

okay, thats all from me .
tataaa ! (:

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